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  Manchester_girl 10:01 26 Apr 2003

Good morning all, this is my first time posting so I apologise if this subject has already been dealt with. My other half is a regular user of this forum.

Here is my question:

The company I work for has recently changed ISP's and with our previous ISP it was possible to access our email server online in order to access the whole company's 'out of office' facility. With this I mean, I was able to activate and leave an 'out of office' message on any email account for our employees. As we have changed our ISP this option has now become unavailable.
Other than our head office, who have the main frame server in their office, no other branch across the country is able to use the out of office function, and the head office is not able to activate ours.
Our current ISP tells me that unless the computer is physically wired up to the main frame the 'out of office' function is no longer available.

My querie is this: Surely, the email server is web based as it was with the last ISP and surely I would be able to access it, given the correct user name and password and either be able to activate only my own via that way or the whole companies? Or, isnt there software I could install on my computer that would enable me to do my own out of office from my own workstation?

The operating system we all use is Windows 2000 Professional and Office 2000 professional.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

  Pesala 17:50 26 Apr 2003

but at least this will get your question back to the top. What is your ISP provider?

  Manchester_girl 18:17 26 Apr 2003

The ISP is Generation 9

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