Out of Memory at Line 12

  Ex plorer 16:50 25 Aug 2010

Hi I have Goggled the problem but still uncertain.
My son has sent me an email of a message he gets and his Provider is Orange who send the warning.
The message reads (Out of line) I opened the attachment my son sent and it opened in Photoimpact saying (out of memory at line 12.)
His laptop is new high spec Sony Vaio 8Gig ram i7 processor etc.

  northumbria61 17:00 25 Aug 2010

I think this may be the problem - Those messages indicate that you don't have enough RAM (your computer not his high spec one) OR it appears the attachment is too big.

  birdface 17:06 25 Aug 2010

Get the odd one myself when to many pages open at the same time.

  Ex plorer 17:31 25 Aug 2010

My computers fine, Its the Sony that gets the warning messages from his Provider who is orange.
I use Tiscali. I see how it could be misread

I will ask him how many pages he had open and what he was doing at the time.

Thanks for the replies

  birdface 18:30 25 Aug 2010

I use IE8 with tabs switched off.ISP Virginmedia.
Sometimes have about 10 pages open at the same time and I get that message usually when using the arrows to remove pages that are open.
I am sure it is the same one Out of memory at line 12.
About 10 seconds later I get a pop up telling me it has to shut down.I usually press the X or Ok but it only shuts down the one page leaving the rest open.
I would say that I only get this problem about twice or three times a week so it doesn't really annoy me that much.

  birdface 18:38 25 Aug 2010

It could be something like this.

click here

I am forever turning script off to Browse Quicker.
Using IE8 I go to tools.Developers tools.Disable and click on script.
So quite possibly a script problem.

  Ex plorer 17:43 29 Aug 2010

Sorted it well sort of it only happens when on the home page of orange his ISP.

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