Out of interest- what connections do you have?

  thedogisdead3 23:18 22 Mar 2005

What ISPs are you all with?

I'm on Telewest, which consider to be good value because it has no download limit.

Don't you all think that having a download limit on broadband defeats the point of having an always on connection?

There is no real reason to impose a limit other than to futher line ISPs pockets.

  Kev.Ifty 23:28 22 Mar 2005

For about eight months now i have been with Wanadoo. This is a 512k connection with a 2GB limit (they want £20 to upgrade to 1Mb)

I have not found this limit to be restrictive...... 'yet'. I'm not sure if they are applying their limits yet ,but i have downloaded more that 2GB before now, within the allowed month and not found any problems.

At £17.99 a month i am happy with my ISP.... SO FAR!


  Totally-braindead 23:41 22 Mar 2005

Do you download lots of stuff thedogisdead3? While I see your point about unlimited being unlimited some people go to extremes, downloading music and videos 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Tiscali took notice of this a couple of months ago and kicked a few people off who were downloading all day every day. The result is it freed up about 10% of the bandwidth that they could provide increasing eveyone elses speeds. I'm on unlimited myself and download game demos etc which are quite large but I'm not downloading stuff 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I realise what you're saying unlimited should be unlimited but if everyone downloaded stuff 24/7 it would slow to a crawl.

  selfbuild 23:42 22 Mar 2005

PlusNet and a 512 connection till next month when it will go up to 2MB for free (can't wait...)

I've got a 30GB limit and paying £21.99/month.... had no problems for the 18 months or so i've been with them.....

The 30GB cap doesn't bother me simply because I don't download that much each month....

  Jak_1 01:25 23 Mar 2005

Wanadoo 512 unlimited, no problems. It is what it say's it is, unlimited and I get reasonable speeds.

If you pay for unlimited then you should expect to get what you pay for! It is up to the isp to sort out the bandwith problem by increasing capacity. I pay more for 512 unlimited than a capped 1mb therefore I expect to get what I pay for and download whatever amount I want without recrimination. I pay the extra and so expect the extra without peeps whinging abount the amount I download.

Isp's make a lot of dosh so they should improve the service. The peeps who complain about us heavy users would do well to remember that we do pay more for it and cease complaining about us taking up bandwidth. You get what you pay for!

  Happy Soul 01:43 23 Mar 2005

Blueyonder 1MB, unlimited, £25 per month.

Originally 512k, increased to 768k for free then to existing 1MB at no extra cost.

From past experience it won't be long before they raise it to 2MB without a price increase.

Competition is hotting up.

  happy dragon 08:40 23 Mar 2005

should,nt unlimited mean just that if tiscali are kicking people off for d/l 24/7 are they rebating people whom are only d/l 2-3 gig a month ?.
seems to be false advertising why we are accepting it hope people read this and decide not to go with tiscali and choose another isp just a thought....

  Magik ®© 11:02 23 Mar 2005

I agree, you should be able to download all you want, we did not ask them to set the price for always on broadband, now they are cutting down the download limit, if they got their sums wrong, who's fault is that?

  Aspman 11:13 23 Mar 2005

Metronet 1Mb payg.

£13-26 uncapped also includes firewall at their end and proxy options.

Very good so far.

  g0slp 11:23 23 Mar 2005

NTL, via BT line, nominally 512k but always seems to be 576k, uncapped usage, £29.99/month including £15 -worth of phone calls, so effectively £14.99/month.

  Graham ® 11:30 23 Mar 2005

Uncapped may have had its day, due to misuse as above.

The future lies in packages which are sold by the download capping, not by speed. Everyone will get the fastest speed their line will support, up to 8MB at the moment.

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