out of date video card driver

  maltose 20:53 24 Dec 2010

Hi folks, I have just installed microsoft's Flight simulator X on my XP pc. On trying to run the "game" I am told that my Video Card Driver is out of date. I have down loaded Driver Detective but cannot see a video caard driver listed on the drivers discovered by the detective. Furthermore they want £30.00 to fix other "problems". Any advice on what I should do now would be most grarefully received

  rdave13 20:58 24 Dec 2010

Uninstall driver detective.
Download SIW and/or Belarc and they will show what graphics card installed.
click here

click here

  maltose 21:15 24 Dec 2010

Thanks rdave13, I uninstalled driver detective and ran SIW's driver scan. The result was "perfect" "there are no outdated drivers on your computer" what now I ask - please

  rdave13 21:21 24 Dec 2010

Under hardware,devices what does it show for display adapters?

  rdave13 21:24 24 Dec 2010

I'm hoping you've downloaded SIW not the link for "Click Here to Check for System Problems" on the site.

  maltose 21:27 24 Dec 2010

No all I "clicked" on was "update your drivers" and I can find no reference to hardware devices in the scan results

  maltose 21:33 24 Dec 2010

The pc is a dell dimension DN051 will I therefore have a Dell video card? (I assume graphics and video are the same thing, and in writing that probably display my depth of ignorance) if so how do I locate its description?

  rdave13 21:41 24 Dec 2010

I'm at a loss to see where on MajorGeeks site where it shows "update your drivers". Sure you clicked on my first link? SIW checks your system for a lot of things, including hardware. It should report what GPU or onboard graphics/video card you have.
When you get to the right site click on one of the links under the heading of "download locations".

  rdave13 21:50 24 Dec 2010

I'm going to log off for now. My apologies. Time to sort out Christmas. Will look in later in the holidays. You'll need to identify the GPU so you can search for drivers.
By the way SIW means System Information Windows. First link again for MajorGeeks; click here

  maltose 22:05 24 Dec 2010

Thanks rdave13 I am really grateful for your help. Your link took me to the MajorGeeks and at the bottom of the first panel is writen "improve performance up date your drivers" the last three words being in red underlined, clicking on that link led to the "perfect" result! in my first response.

  maltose 10:39 25 Dec 2010

Sorted! it was not an out of date driver. The problem was a disabled Direct Draw tab in dxdiag. Manty thanks to you rdave13 -

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