oulook express problem

  victor 19 23:43 07 Oct 2003

I am unable to delete unwanted e-mails any ideas

  Simon_P 00:11 08 Oct 2003

Outlook version

and any error messages you get

  victor 19 00:19 08 Oct 2003

yes i havehad error messages when trying to reply to e-mails

  smegs 01:45 08 Oct 2003

What Simon7063 is trying to say is, what R the error messeges that U get. Tell us. What Outlook R U using???

  victor 19 11:46 08 Oct 2003

i,m using win xp the error message/ unable to send due to error . when I try to reply to e.mail. iam able to sendwith create mail ,thanks for your patience .

  Simon_P 18:47 08 Oct 2003

It is possible that the return path is incorrect in the email's that you have recived.

Some email's have a different return address than the one sent from.

Is it the same for all email's recived?

As for being unable to delete e mail's I have never come across that problem.

At least this will now Bump you to the top of list!

  victor 19 19:43 08 Oct 2003

i understand what you said about replies thanks, still can,t delete any e/mails yet

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