OS reinstalling problems.

  polo 15:46 02 Nov 2008

I have a Gericom (Aldi) laptop and I'm trying to format and reinstall Windows XP, doing what I believe is called a clean install? I have a product recovery disc which I am using. I've reinstalled Windows twice (avoiding the repair option) and each time it has warned me that I will lose all information on the drive. The installation went well but both times it has still left all the programmes and and files on the computer. Is it not possible to do a clean install with a recovery disc? I did it on a Targa computer recently using their recovery disc. Is anyone able to help me with this?

  toon_mad 16:22 02 Nov 2008

you need a copy of XP for a format (clean install). The product recovery disk simply keeps your exisitng files but repairs the windows installation, you cant do a complete wipe and new install with the recovery disk. You need a operating system cd, such as XP Home, Vista etc


  polo 16:41 02 Nov 2008

Thanks toon-mad. Trouble is I now seem to have Windows Xp twice on my C drive cos when I boot up it asks me do I wish to boot up using windows XP or Windows XP! When I go to My computer and open it Windows is there twice. Although when I click the Start button and go to programmes there are onle half a dozen which i've just installed when I go to mycomputer and then programms it lists all the many programmes that were there originally. So it's all a bit of a mess! I'm wondering if I could use my Targa Windows disc to format and reinstall windows, do microsoft allow you to install on more than one computer?

  skidzy 16:55 02 Nov 2008

You can use any windows disc xp home for xp home pro for pro.

Locate your serial number first,as this will be needed,possibly on the bottom of the laptop.or run Belarc click here once installed scroll down to software and licenses ,your license should be listed...make a not of this.

If you decide to use another xp disc,you will need to collect all your drivers first unless you have a driver and utility disc.

i do believe the computer in question has a restore/recovery partition-try tapping F10 or F11 on startup.

Also, can you post back the options you have when using the recovery cd as does a recovery partition.This would normally have 3 options such as ;

1) repair windows
2) reinstall windows
3) reinstall windows without saving data etc (destructive) back to factory settings.

  polo 18:13 02 Nov 2008

I have the serial number and I have the drivers cd. The laptop recovery disc does not have the 3rd option on it, that of reinstalling without saving data back to factory condition. So what i think you're saying skidzy is that I can use the windows disk from my other XP Home computer so long as I use the license key that came with the laptop. Seems logical as after all i have paid for a license for both.

  polo 20:44 03 Nov 2008

Would anyone who knows be kind enough to check out whether they think I've got things right in my previous posting. Thanks.

  skidzy 20:54 03 Nov 2008

Sounds good polo.

Just make sure you have the full license key .
Install windows and then load your drivers utility disk.

This will help if needed click here

  woodchip 20:54 03 Nov 2008

When I tried it with a Medion XP CD it would not accept Key change. This was on a blank new hard drive, it loaded OK but could not activate it with the key

  polo 17:26 05 Nov 2008

I did a great job, I used the XP disc from the other computer together with the license key for the laptop which worked perfectly well and so it should as I had after all bought the license for the laptop XP operating system. The only thing that hasn't worked is the laptop pad to operate the pointer. I have the driver disc and the driver is successfully downloaded (so it says) but the pad won't work, I have to use a mouse. Anybody got any ideas re this? It does not appear in device manager nor anywhere else.

  tullie 17:42 05 Nov 2008

Try manufacturers website?

  skidzy 19:10 05 Nov 2008

Look in MSCONFIG/startup to see if SYNAPTICS has a check mark in the box,if it dose not place a tick and ok apply and ok,exit MSCONFIG

Start / run and type MSCONFIG and enter,select startup.

You may have to look in SERVICES and enable the service,also look in control panel/mouse to see if the touchpad is setup.

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