OS for older PC.???

  Madrat 21:31 06 Dec 2009

I have a quite old PC I want to bring back into use. It has a Celeron 600 CPU 15GB HD and 64mb ram (possibly upgradeable to 256mb) 8mb Graphics.

I can ether install Windows ME or a Linux system, what would you suggest? and which Linux system should I look at.

  MAT ALAN 21:39 06 Dec 2009

ME (probably the worst system ever) will run like a donkey on those specs...

click here

the link offers a more suitable alternative...

  LastChip 21:47 06 Dec 2009

Modern Linux systems could do with more than 64Mb of RAM.

So you are artificially limiting yourself in choice, but Mat Alan's suggestion of Puppy Linux is as good as any. However, you need a version prior to 1.0.2. You may get away with it by using a swap partition, but it will result in a sluggish experience, by Linux standards.

Damn small Linux is another alternative, that will run on your computer.

  Bagsey 21:57 06 Dec 2009

I would think that you need a copy of windows 95.
Try ebay.

  Bagsey 22:01 06 Dec 2009

I meant to add this.
click here

  Madrat 15:01 07 Dec 2009

Windows 95???? would rather use ME.

It was originally running 98SE but no longer have the disk.

What Linux would you suggest if I can boost the memory to 256mb.

  GaT7 15:30 07 Dec 2009

Regarding which Linux distro, I would suggest PCLinuxOS click here. G

  GaT7 15:34 07 Dec 2009

Couple that are particularly low on resources are Damn Small Linux (DSL) click here & Puppy Linux click here. G

  Madrat 15:35 07 Dec 2009

Looks like it's going to be puppy.

Dose this support USB and printers etc?

  Terry Brown 15:41 07 Dec 2009

I have an old copy of Win 98se, you can have- if you want it.

All I require is a SAE to post it to you.

Contact me on the Yellow envelope for my address.

  GaT7 15:44 07 Dec 2009

Yes, should do USB. You'll only about the printer for sure when you install it. An older printer will have a better chance of working, or getting to work. G

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