O.S. on a Laptop Difficult problem

  peterleemaxwell 15:32 16 Apr 2006

Hi, A friend of mine in his 70's came to me with his ageing lap-top stating it froze up even on loading. It was running windows 98. The first thing I did to try and help him was running a de-frag and clearing out the gash. This never helped so I then up-graded to Windows ME. There was still no improvement so with 32 Mb of RAM I placed another 32Mb in the drive thus ending up with 74MB. I then decided to format and start over again. This is where the trouble started. I cannot get an operating system onto it. I tried windows ME and XP without success. In fact they just will not load stopping half way through. I thought maybe it was a CD ROM problem, but as I loaded Linux onto the hard drive this worked but had no sound and scene as he is old (not the best for operation), so this ruled out a 'dodgy' Cd ROM. The spec of the laptop is a 333AMD3DCPU and although there is no name on the lap-top, being a generic one it has the letters and numbers FT6720. Any suggestions that I might try to eliminate possible hardware problems or and any suggestions at all?

  pokemom 15:49 16 Apr 2006

so have u reformatted completly and tried fresh install ,is that right

  peterleemaxwell 16:27 16 Apr 2006

Hi pokemom,
Yes I have completely formated (Using FDISK)and on the XP I tried it stopped with the Message Error;- SU0325.
I have tried 98+Me+XP. All have failed.

  VoG II 16:30 16 Apr 2006
  remind 16:32 16 Apr 2006

Don't bother with XP, it needs a least 128mb and a faster CPU. 98 is more stable than ME.
Error message; click here
Bad .cab files, damaged CD or failing hardware.

If you can get into the bios and find out the manufacturer of the hard-drive, download a diagnostic from their site and check the drive.
click here

  peterleemaxwell 16:38 16 Apr 2006

Thanks to you both for a fast response. I will give it a go. Always found this forum most helpful with very technical blokes to give help.
Best Wishes

  DrScott 17:29 16 Apr 2006

Is the fan working okay? Recently fixed similar crashing problems in a friend's laptop by fiddling with the fan and getting it to work again - an overheating CPU will crash the system

  woodchip 17:36 16 Apr 2006

Messed up MBR. do this put a Win98 floppy in drive then type at A:\>

A:\>FDISK /MBR press enter key then try loading the Win98 CD if it will not go start with Floppy disc at A:\> type

A:\>FORMAT C: then restart with floppy in drive, at A:\> type

A:\>E: press enter, at E:\> type with Windows98se CD in comp

E:\>SETUP press enter you will need the CD key

  peterleemaxwell 18:59 16 Apr 2006

Thanks for the input. I have it at the stage where it may go past the load up screen but sometimes it 'freezes'. When it does load seems to work reasonably well. Just a case of keep starting until it goes. Thanks to you both.

  woodchip 19:39 16 Apr 2006

It's heat related, More than likely the CPU fan needs cleaning

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