OS HD Won't Boot - Windows Vista 64Bit

  Blitzer 10:03 02 Aug 2009


I made the mistake last night of buying Diskeeper (2009 Pro) for degragging my HD's on my Vista 64bit based PC. The PC has two 1Tb hard drives, the first is partitioned into 300/600 with the 300Gb partition for OS and the 600Gb partition for files etc. The second HD is used for disk images of the first drive/partitions.

I had recently defragged all the drives with Windows built in defragger with no problems. However, after having analysed the OS partition with Diskeeper I decided it would be worth letting it have another go in order to further improve performance.

All seemed to go well until I tried to shut down which took an age. I rebooted and windows loaded very slowly and I started experiencing problems "MS DT Console stopped working".
I tried seeing if there was anything out of the ordinary but it was pretty much impossible to run any software on the machine. Starting in safe mode was better but still no idea of the cause of the problem.

After having no joy I decided to run chkdsk on the OS partition. During the check a blue screen flashed up but I did not get time to read the error message, the machine then tried to reboot, but now the disk was not being detacted as being bootable!

Windows repair was not use and trying to recover using Norton Ghost was usless because now the computer cannot apparently even see the drive. :(
I have managed to connect the drive via USB to my laptop and I can at least get access to the files that I did not manage to backup. I'm currently scanning the disk for errors again via the laptop, but it's taking an age and actually seems to have stopped altogether.

I'm assuming I may well have to go through the windows installation procedure so I can at least try and re-partiion the drive prior to either using Ghost to recover an older backup or start from scratch again.

If anyone has any alternative ideas I could really do with a quick reply. :(

Thanks very much. :)

  T0SH 14:06 02 Aug 2009

Full scan on a one terabyte drive via USB it may well take days

Cheers HC

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