OS Clone/HDD Swap?

  DaleF 23:08 29 Mar 2012

I need a little assistance to a problem I have with my setup for my HDD's. I currently have two merely small HDD for my OS & Programs however due to getting the computer originally with the 80GB pre-installed with Windows 7, I installed some programs and what not before getting a new HDD. I then got a 200GB HDD later on from a friend, as HDD prices hit the roof and I was broke at the time, I installed and used this as my secondary HDD for some of my programs & files.

I now have the issue where I want everything on my 200GB HDD, however due to everything being split I'm unsure how to tackle this and have all my software/games & files working properly and in the right place. Most of my software installed I can no longer re-install due to no longer having the disks to hand as I recently moved.

So basically, would there be a way to move my OS from the 80GB included some of the software with it onto the 200GB and have everything working nicely. I've cloned OS before and I know how to do it, but this time I'm a little stuck due to using 2 HDD's instead of one. If any other info is needed I can provide.


  robin_x 00:08 30 Mar 2012

I'd recommend Partition Wizard (instead of diskmgmt)

to reduce your 200GB to 115B, leaving 85GB approx) Unallocated space. Enough for whatever partitions are on the 80GB drive anyway.

Right click the 200GB and Move/Resize so that it is are far right of drive space.

You can the use your clone software to see if it will alow cloning, BUT ONLY INTO the Unallocated space.

If not Partition Wizard Bootable CD will allow you to copy the partitions over manually.

Make a note of which partition is Active on the 80GB.

Switch off, disconnect 80GB, reboot from PW CD, change drive letters to get C, D, E, F etc.

Right click what will be the Active Boot Partition (as noted before). Select Modify/Set Active.

Eject CD and reboot to test.

Assuming all OK, I'd suggest you wait a while (few days/week) before wiping the 80GB or changing its letters to say J, K etc and messing with its partitions or re-use. You may need to do this from the Boot CD again, with 200GB disconnected since having two drives with same partition letters may upset things.

If the repartitioned 200GB doesn't boot by itself, try the boot CD Rebuild MBR function.

Cautiont: All data should really be backed up elsewhere before you try any of this. But if you haven't got the space it's at your own risk.

  robin_x 00:10 30 Mar 2012
  DaleF 00:12 30 Mar 2012

Thanks for a response in good time. I was just thinking of working with partitions to transfer everything from my 80GB to my 200GB, I'll give it a go tomorrow as it's late now.

I'll give you a heads up to see if all goes well!

  DaleF 21:06 30 Mar 2012


I now have the problem where my HDD has now got a 115GB full HDD with all my original programs, games & files, and the 74GB partition its created from my 80GB hard drive. However windows only shows the 115GB part, and the 74GB files are none existent.

The 75GB partition, is a logical drive? I'm unsure what this means and how to recitify this, I also have 2 empty unallocated spaces on the HDD which total around 150MB.

What should I do now?


  DaleF 21:09 30 Mar 2012

Would it also be possible to merge everything into one partition in the end? So everything runs as if it was originally installed as I used it?

  robin_x 21:17 30 Mar 2012

Is the 80GB drive still connected for booting?

In any event, you don't want a Logical 74GB.

The new partition needs to be Primary to boot.

How many partitions on the original drive? Maybe just C: or do you have hidden SYSTEM and Recovery partitions?

And how many partitions in the 115GB?

  DaleF 21:59 30 Mar 2012

It won't let me set it as a primary partition, I haven't removed the 80GB due to it not allowing me to set the new primary partition.

  DaleF 22:02 30 Mar 2012

The originaly 80GB was just one partition, heres a print screen of the program running.


  DaleF 22:07 30 Mar 2012

I had it set as something, I reverted back to logical and it allowed me to set as active, would I now be able to boot through this partition? There's no option to set as a boot & system?

  robin_x 22:11 30 Mar 2012

I think you can't change it because a small Unallocated space exists before it. 9just did a practic on my 2nd drive (but without Applying changes)

Right Click/Move/Resize the 2ndary *.74GB so it as hard left on the drive.

Then Try Right Click/Modify/Set as Primary again.

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