OS change over, I need urgent help.

  golfpro 16:17 14 Jul 2006

My situation is this, I live in Austria and have two computers, my old one and a new one which I have just purchased.
About four years ago I bought a full OEM product version of Widows XP home in English, and had it installed over the German version of ME in the old PC.
My new PC has a pre installed German version of XP Home, and I would like very much to change this to the English version, using the same program disc. Now I know that I can do this, providing that it is first deleted completely from the old computer, and "THAT MICROSOFT KNOWS THAT IT IS DELETED" and that when I go to install it on my new PC it will recognize the product code NO. My questions are as follows:

How do I delete the OS from my hard drive on the old PC so the M/S will know that it is gone (step by step instructions please).

When I do a clean install on the new PC, will it overwrite the German version. Or do I have to delete this as well.

I do have a cable internet connection.

  woodchip 16:31 14 Jul 2006

If you have the key for the new PC then it's not a problem. All you need to do is download and run the free version of click here. Then after you have cleared it, restart your comp with the XP CD put the key code in when it asks for it.

PS the BIOS may need changing for it to boot from the CD. But try it first.

  golfpro 17:02 14 Jul 2006

Thanks Woodchip, but I don't think that answers my question of when the English version has been deleted from the old PC, how does M/S know that it has been deleted so that it will accept the product code in the new PC. Once I have deleted the OS on the PC it is too late to do any thing else.
If nobody has an answer to this problem, is there a web site link that I can go to for the information.

  woodchip 17:18 14 Jul 2006

You could partition the drive then load it to the other partition. I thought you wanted to delete German!

If it goes on the Partition and accepts the code you know it will work on it's own

  golfpro 17:59 14 Jul 2006

Question answered. I phoned Microsoft support UK and they asked for the product code. It turns out that this is one machine only installation CD, and they will not provide support if it is installed on another PC.

So where can I buy a "Genuine" copy of windows XP home in the UK for a good price to be delivered to Austria????

  wee eddie 18:04 14 Jul 2006

I thought that that was feasibly

  golfpro 18:49 14 Jul 2006

Only on a multi-lingual copy, and they cost a lot.

  bluto1 20:08 14 Jul 2006

try ebuyer

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