OS on C drive only

  raggy 2 09:56 24 Apr 2006

I have two hard drives, my old one is 40G and the new one is 160G and basically all of my stuff is on the old drive and I was wondering if I only used the old drive for my OS (win XP Pro) and put everthing on my new drive would this make my system run a bit better?? and also how do you transfer all the data/files etc to the other drive?? do I have to reload all my programm and does the pro's of transfering it all out weigh the con's of spending the time to do this???

  howard63 10:58 24 Apr 2006

if it were me I would put the new drive as the master and load xp new onto it. Then reload all progs etc. Use the old drive as a slave for personal data etc.

  howard63 10:59 24 Apr 2006

there is a way of transferring your xp activation from the old to the new.

  DieSse 12:32 24 Apr 2006

Hard drive manufacturers usually have free software to transfer your old setup to your new drive. So - what make is your new drive?

Whether you need to reactivate or not is not an issue - if you don't, all will just work after the transfer - if you do it's an utterl painless automatically invoked procedure.

If all you are changing is the drive, it's unlikely that t will need to be re-activated anyway.

  raggy 2 14:13 24 Apr 2006

The new drive has been put in by a mate, is there a way of finding out the name without opening the case??
So how do I transfer from the old drive to my new one, do I drag/drop, change the file path or just reload the programm

  ed-0 14:28 24 Apr 2006

control panel > system > device manager > disk drives. I t will be listed there.

Or use everest home click here. Storage > physical drives. It will be listed there.

Post the numbers here, or use google to find the make of the drives.

Most hard drive manufacturers have free software that will clone one hard drive to another. No need to drag and drop or change file paths.

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