original Space Invaders Clone

  computernerdiamnot 23:33 29 Mar 2004

Click Here click here If you want a free copy of a clone of the original space invaders looks like the real thing as well as playing like it as well. Thought i would share this one with you all who remember it gosh am i showing my age..

  SGT [email protected] 00:33 30 Mar 2004

no sound , says in the instructions to edit the autoexec but i'm not sure that would work as i've got on board sound

  computernerdiamnot 08:16 30 Mar 2004

To tell you the truth i just play it and listen to some music i am not that happy to start fiddling around with things really. MY mates come with sound but he cant remember what site he downloaded from will investigate and come back later.

  Gongoozler 08:24 30 Mar 2004

SGT [email protected], editing the autoexec may be needed if the program is DOS based, which this may well be. Whether the sound card is integrated or plug-in doesn't matter. Don't be afraid of editing autoexec.bat. If you're worried, then save a copy of the file with a name such as autoexec.old first so you can reinstate it later.

  computernerdiamnot 08:40 30 Mar 2004

Ok i hear you but if you want here is one you can play on-line with all the sounds click here click here

  Old Shep 08:47 30 Mar 2004

Cheers mate must be getting old as well hence the name.

  [email protected] 09:16 30 Mar 2004

If you want retro games goto mameworld.com and download the Arcade emulator. They don't supply the ROMS because of copyright issues, but a quick search and you can find most of the golden age.

I've got Space Invaders and over a 1000 original arcade ROMS. The files are only about 24k in size so even if you've only got dailup like me you're laughing.

  IClaudio 09:36 30 Mar 2004

you've just wasted half an hour of my time :)))

Invaders was the game that got me started on the long rocky road of computer addiction, and I spent hours and piles of 10ps on the thing. Playing it this morning brought back a faint glimmer of what obsessed me back then (blimey, 35 years...) but we've come a long way. I had one game and scored 21,910 :)

  computernerdiamnot 09:41 30 Mar 2004

Sorry mate
What can i say, i think [email protected] post is going to make you waste another let me think.....................oooh about the rest of the day because ive just phoned in sick.... No only joking but one game i would like is defender and astroids.

  computernerdiamnot 09:42 30 Mar 2004

Just a note CHIP SHOPS WERE CHIP SHOPS back in those days.

  IClaudio 13:21 30 Mar 2004

...aye and you could go out and get plastered, have a bag of chips and get a cab home and still have change from a fiver...

Marvellous :)

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