Organising thumbnails

  davefenton 07:54 24 May 2007

How do I put thumbnails in the order I want? In the 'Organise Icons' box there does not appear to be a facility to override the suggested methods so that the pictures can be placed in any order required.

  sean-278262 09:33 24 May 2007

Can you be a bit more specific. What version of windows do you have. Im assuming Windows Vista, however we get quite a number of requests for other operating systems.

  davefenton 13:54 24 May 2007

I use Windows XP Home Edition and am working from the My Documents/My Pictures folder

  Whaty 14:20 24 May 2007

The only way I am aware of is to rename your thumbnails with a prefix, '001', '002', '003', etc. then choose to Arrange Icons By: 'Name'.

When you refresh the folder the thumbnails will be in numerical order.


  davefenton 20:51 24 May 2007

Thanks for the tip. I have managed to sort out my photos by renaming but it was a slow process. Surely there is a much simpler and faster way.

  bionicle 21:22 24 May 2007

Click on 'View', then select 'Arrange icons by', to the right of this you will have a range of options on how you want your thumbnails ordered.

  brundle 22:28 24 May 2007

Have you tried Picasa? click here

Makes things much easier, Windows Vista has only just caught up

  Monoux 10:12 25 May 2007

Try click here

I've used this for ages to reaname files. It takes a bit of getting used to but once mastered is great

  Guardianangel 21:11 25 May 2007

Also, if you go to View and then Choose details, there are a lot more options to tick if needed.

  esbe 21:34 25 May 2007

I never knew that, thanks for the tip.


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