Organising Folders

  NotSureBoutThis 05:36 24 Nov 2006


Since joining this forum, I have picked up quite a few tips.

In order to remember the advice given, I did create a folder to store all the advice in, however, due to the amount of advice, the folder became to long with all the tips, so, and I created a number of folders.

Now I have several folders all with computer advice / tips, problem is, even though I have named each folder, I can’t remember the information contained in each folder, without looking into each folder.

Can anyone recommend the best way to sort out these folders into some sort of organised order?

  recap 09:27 24 Nov 2006

If the information is for an operating system, rename the folder Windows XP (or which ever OS it is for). For software, name the folder after the particular software, e.g. Word, Excel etc. For repair tools name the folder Fix It. For hardware name it after the hardware item, e.g. printers etc.

That's the way I would categorise them.

  Diemmess 11:59 24 Nov 2006

If you are confused by the contents of these folders you have a long job renaming the files.
One tip if you want to move the files about between folders.

Goto Control panel >Tools > Folder options
and make sure (halfway down) you set it to - "Open each folder in its own window"

Then as you open each folder set View to "List"
and shrink the panel to just large enough to show all the files in that folder.
You can close any folders that have no immediate interest to you.

Now at last you can drag and drop files between folders, make new sub folders and delete others once you are sure they are empty.

  NotSureBoutThis 14:38 24 Nov 2006

Recap thanks for that, I did as you suggested, however, I followed Diemmess advice, & that seems to work better for me.

I thank you both for the advice

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