Organising Favorites (IE)

  prester-john 19:08 11 Oct 2009

My Favorites list (IE8) grows longer and longer, with various signs of past attempts at organising them. Has anyone out there found, or developed, a satisfactory system of classifying (Hierarchical Dewey-type, or whatever)? Just a basic outline, so that it can be adapted to personal tastes.

  GaT7 19:16 11 Oct 2009

You can create folders & subfolders to organise them. That's what I do - I've 8000+ favourites btw.

If you're using XP, the Favourites folder will be located in the C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\Favorites folder. You can create new folders here, just like you'd do anywhere else in Windows. G

  prester-john 16:55 12 Oct 2009

Thank you, Crossbow7, but perhaps I didn't make myself clear. My problem isn't how to create folders & subfolders - I already use them; but it's their subject structure that I find unsatisfactory. For example, I have Leisure (subfolders: DIY, Garden, Music, Nature, Hols etc); Shopping (Books, CDs, Price comparison etc) and so on - and too many URLs that don't seem to fit into any of them. It's a system of folder labels that I'm looking for.

  GaT7 19:46 12 Oct 2009

The URLs that don't seem to fit anywhere I put into MISC, which is in turn subdivided into more categories.

No one can really suggest what these labels can be, as each person will have their own names/methods that works best for him/her. G

  prester-john 09:58 14 Oct 2009

Thanks again, Crossbow7. I'll do much as you suggest, which is roughly what I was already doing but with the addition of a constantly developing MISC folder. If it works for 8k+ URLs, it should certainly work for me!

BTW, to get to Organize Favorites quickly, I open the Favorites drop-down in IE, then press ALT-Z. (XP and IE8). If the drop-down isn't open you may have some other prog that responds first to ALT-Z.

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