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  Sunny-275842 09:38 16 Mar 2003

has anyone orderd from insight.com/uk before? i placed an order for XP and done everything, the site said my order was placed and everything, it said it send me a email to confirm.

since it said confirmed i thought i get a email straight away like most sites do, do when you just placed an order. i have'nt yet :-s, also i cant login even tho i know im putting in the right passwords etc. ive sent for a 'forgotten Pword' (done this 2 times) still no reply.

if you have ordered from this site, do they usually take this long to send a reply or confirmation of the orders?!


  Djohn 11:30 16 Mar 2003

Yes, I ordered XP pro. from them, received e-mail that it was in the post, and a tracking number for use with Royal Mail.

Order was placed late in the afternoon, I checked at 6pm to find it was in the postal system, again at midnight to find it was in my local sorting office, then it was delivered at 08:30 the following morning. First class service in every way. J.

  Sunny-275842 11:48 16 Mar 2003

hmmm why would they send a email thru the post?! (you do mean a letter or some sort right?! just incase so this dosnt make me look dumb! :)) well i still havent recived no email or anything so i might wait for today and give them a phone tomorrow.

i order XP Pro too, i ordered it at 3am in the morning(!) and signed up cus im a new user, but i still cant get in!!

this is one thing that bugged me. when u make a PW it only lets u enter 10 chars(?!?!) and when u try to login u can enter more than 10 chars in the PW box?! confused

  Sunny-275842 11:50 16 Mar 2003

oh and i used the 2-3 day delivery hehe (which cost me £5.95!)

  -pops- 11:58 16 Mar 2003

"i ordered it at 3am in the morning(!)"

Sure you were awake at that time and did things properly?

I have used Insight (and Action, as they used to be) a lot and never had any problems whatsoever.

Check with them at a time when their office is likely to be open.

N.B read Djohn's reply properly and you will see that he didn't receive an email thru the post.


  Djohn 12:02 16 Mar 2003

No, I received an e-mail informing me my *Order* was in the post.


I also chose the £5-99 postage, makes no difference, it will still arrive next day, if the Royal Mail is on it's toe's.

Go back to the page where you placed your order and key in the order number, or your password, or your e-mail address, or the dispatch number. This will link you to your order, once you are linked, look on the same page for delivery information, you will find a link to the *Royal Mail* and a tracking number.

Key in this tracking number and you will be able to see exactly where your package is at this moment. J.

  Sunny-275842 12:08 16 Mar 2003

cheers i try that but as i said it doesnt let me enter even tho i am 100% sure i entered the details of my PW and email correctly as i tried to sign up again used exactly the same name and email it said 'Duplicat User Name Found' (something on those lines) so i must of done it righ. and also i wouldnt thought that the site would close?! isnt it like automatd that they send u a comfirmation email?!

i phoned them up and the customer service was closed (i phoned the number right down the page on insight not PCA :P)and they were closed. so do you think that the email department be closed too?

  Djohn 16:31 16 Mar 2003

Spudling, if it will be of any help to you, send your order number and the username/Password to me via the yellow envelope, and I will try to gain access and track your order. J.

  Sunny-275842 17:08 16 Mar 2003

how will you gain access?

  Djohn 17:23 16 Mar 2003

If you send me the username and password that you used to place your order, I will use that, along with your order number and try and trace it for you.

It's only because you say you are having a little trouble trying to find your oder details, and I have used the site several times to track orders, so may be able to find my way round a little easier. Regards. J.

  Sunny-275842 17:40 16 Mar 2003

ah but thanks anyway ive already asked my friend but it still dont work. guess i just have to phone up and talk to one of the CService people tomorrow or something but as it said confirmed order it should (touch wood) arrive next week sometime

i keep you informed if all else fails!

thanks tho

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