Ordered Wrong RAM from Crucial - PC wont load

  samo123_uk 10:05 13 Jan 2003
  samo123_uk 10:05 13 Jan 2003

I ordered a RAM upragde using the Motherboard selector thing on crucial.com and found my motherboard a ASUS AN766-C (or something like that , it's a n-force board).
On the site it said I could have 2100 and 2700 types of DDR RAM.
I ordered 2700 without realising that the one in my Mobo was 2100.
I put the new RAM into the second RAM slot but the computer didn't reconise it.
So to test that the RAM does work I took the origanal RAM out and put the new RAM in the first slot.
The comptuer didn't start up.Well the moniter doesn't flick on but there is Hard Drive activity.
After taking that RAM out and putting the old RAM back in again, I have hit another problem. The moniter still wont flick on.
Do you think putting the 2700 RAM in the slot caused like a confliction between the board?
Before I went to Crucial and did the online configurater I thought the mobo could only take 2100 DDR RAM, but as Crucial said I could I thought what the hell and got it.
Also looking in the motherboard it has NO mention of 2700.
What can I do now?
As I currently have a computer that doesn't work!
Would I have to buy a new Motherboard?
All advice welcome.

  €dstow 10:08 13 Jan 2003

Not an answer but as Crucial are the experts on memory and the are extremely efficient and helpful, have a go at asking them.


  flu 10:26 13 Jan 2003

If you used the online configurator to purchase the RAM, you can get a full refund and then purchase the correct same sets of RAM as your original. If you didn't use the configurator, I think they deduct 20% or so from the refund. Crucial policy.

  samo123_uk 12:47 13 Jan 2003

OK , but what about the computre not swithing on ? (well the moniter not flicking on any way)
It was working fine before I put Crucials RAM in.
I've even put back the origanal 2100 RAM but it still wont start up!
I don't know why it wont start up.
I have even tryed putting a PCI grpahics card in to see if it was the grpahics card but it still doesn't turn on.
My spec:
ASUS AN766-C (N-Force model)
AMD 2000+
256 DDR RAM (2100)
SB Live
WinXP Home
I have a very bad feeling that something bad happened while installing the RAM.

  Squall 12:52 13 Jan 2003

Don't suppose that you have a different monitor to connect to, it might be that your monitor has gone, rather than your computer.

I don't think that putting in unrecognizable ram would damage your PC. It might damage your ram but I would doubt that as well.

You say that you have hard drive activity, your PC might be booting, you just can't see it.

  Rayuk 17:27 13 Jan 2003

Try removing graphics card and reinstalling you may have knocked it when installing ram.

  samo123_uk 10:55 14 Jan 2003

I have taken out the GEforce 4 MX AGP card and put in a old 3dFx PCI card in.
Still wont start up.
The CD-drives work fine I can play music from them etc.
Just can't seee anything.
I turn the mmoniter off and back on . The greeen light goes on then it flicks to Yellow so I'm sure the moniter does work.
It's a [email protected] Viewsonic E561 by the way.

  fsssh 11:08 14 Jan 2003

i had the same problem and was told either:
1) that the graphics card wasnt seated properly in the slot or that the slot may have some dirt in it.

2) to reset the cmos by connecting the reset jumpers on the mboard.

in the end neither worked and i had to send the card back for repair but it may work for you.

  Stuartli 13:09 14 Jan 2003

A year last December my daughter bought some Crucial memory for her fiance's Sony laptop from her home in the Caymans. It cost little more than £10.

It turned out that it was not possible to fit the additional memory for nearly 10 months due to her fiance also being abroad.

The memory wouldn't work although it was supposed to be the correct module for the Sony.

I contacted Crucial at East Kilbride, explained the circumstances and a very pleasant lady stated that she would check out the specification.

It turned out it was an (understandable) mistake on Crucial's part and she immediately arranged for it to be replaced, in the meantime asking me to return the unwanted memory.

The new memory arrived next morning.....

As I've said, along with many others, Crucial's products and after sales service is one that should be emulated by every retailer in the land.

  Stuartli 13:11 14 Jan 2003

I should also add that Crucial had a full record of the transaction by my daughter even after such a lengthy period and were thus able to confirm its authenticity.

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