Order of Service/Numbering Hymn Verses

  brambles 15:02 18 Jul 2009

I only have Microsoft Word and I am trying to create 8 A5 Files into a Wedding Order of Service.
Whilst I can create the files, and they look quite attractive it's going to be a nightmare when I try to print with 2 files per A4 size.
I can do it - but what a lot of fiddling. I just wondered if there was a freebie anywhere that can cope with this problem. I suppose Publisher would but I don't want to buy just for 80 Order of Services.
The other problem I have is that when I highlight the hymn verses, and try to insert a number for each verse, it numbers each line of the hymn - even though the verses effectively create paragraphs.

Any recommendations appreciated

  BT 16:38 18 Jul 2009

Does your printer software include a Booklet printing option. That said it can be quite a longwinded proceedure to print more than just a few copies. I would consider a commercial printer if you want a lot of them. You can provide the copy yourself of course.

Add numbers to existing text

Put your cursor at the start of each paragraph/verse in turn and press the 'Numbering Icon' in the toolbar this will insert consecutive numbers at the beginning of the Paragraph/verse. You need to have the Formatting toolbar activated (right click & tick on)

  Diemmess 18:35 18 Jul 2009

It will give immense satisfaction if you do this yourself.

(The professional printer would make short work of the whole thing particualy if you let him have a dummy copy)

I understand you to say you have produced printable pages (8) but have trouble with verse numbering.

I think you should use what you have, because even though some programs are cheap, you would still have to learn to use a new program and print shops are sometimes unwilling to accept work in a "funny format."

So you have 2 sheets (A4) which fold giving you 8 sides (A5)

I can only say what I have done in similar circumstances.
Assemble each of the 8 pages as A5 documents

Verse numbering
Have you thought of a table for the hyms?
Your can tinker with the table format to place everything where you want it giving a cell on its own for the verse number.

Print each page and stick them to scrap paper so that you fit them in the right order.
Finally, start with a new document A4 landscape, Make two columns on the first sheet (A5 size), copy and paste the appropriate A5 page.

At the end of each column dont forget Section Column break. and at the end of each A4 insert a Page break.

Save what should be the finished work and print with the correct sequence of sheets (twice through the printer unless you have duplex printing.

It is a long winded proceedure, and you still have to collate the pages, staple them -? and ideally crop the edges to make them look nice

  brambles 09:05 21 Jul 2009

Thanks BT & Diemmess with your recommendations & quick response I have managed to produce a very acceptable Marriage Order of Service.


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