Orange Webmail & Outlook Issue & Orange in general

  gazmix 21:43 03 Mar 2007

Hi all
Today, i went on my OE & tryed to retrieve mail from mailwasher. It wasn't retrieving & a large box opened saying 'check your pop & smtp is all ok' & something to do with a port & protocol & a number!

I contacted Orange customer care & i usually get a password to dial a 'non premium rate number'. This time, they wouldn't give me it as they said i'd used all my "favours" they said that in the contract of Orange anytime, i shouldn't have been given a number anyway, but have been for a year! They were like talking to robots & wouldn't tell me why i had been given them.
I can't call premium numbers from this phone, so calling normal tech support would have been impossible!

Anyway, on my 3rd call to customer 'care', i talked to a nice guy & said he would put me through to a colleague who was technically experienced.
He was great & tryed to help!
I've had this issue before & normally removing my default mail & recreating another pop & smtp mail account sorts it!
This time no!
I rebooted after all he said & the advice & still didn't work.

Flumaxed i was. I went to Orange webmail where i have arrnaged for all spam to be sent to junk box & there was 1149 junk mails! In 2 days since i deleted tham all!
I deleted them & then deleted them from the deleted box!, signed out, went back to Outlook express & bingo!

Does anyone know what could have caused this, the OE playing up before i deleted?, could there have been a rogue mail in there or something! Afterall it only took up 12% of webmail!
How come i got so many spam mails in just 2 days?

Finaly, thanks to the kind 'Customer care bloke that helped me', but bad on them to not give me the password to get normal rate tech service instead of the 50p a minute number i now have to call. God knows how much it'd cost if i had to be infront of pc & on phone for anything more serious & labour intensive!


  gazmix 15:07 04 Mar 2007

Ok so today i turned pc on & Mailwasher brought in my mails. About 3 wanted, so i checked & processed the rest for deletion.

I went to my Mail programme OE & clicked "send 0r recieve"
Nothing happened & i got a message below the 'recieve' line that said :-

The connection to the server has failed. Account server Protocol POP3, port 110, secure (SSL)
No. socket error 10060 Error number 0x800 CCCOE.

I then attempted to forward a mail in OE to myself & that worked, i went to webmail & noticed that i had nearly 200 spam mails since last night! Of which i erased. This is unusual & i'm stuck.
Can anyone help!

  gazmix 17:46 04 Mar 2007

anyone please!!!!

  gazmix 19:50 05 Mar 2007

The Webmail vs OE thing. Has anyone had a prob eith this!
When i turn pc on, i cant seem to retrieve or send meil in OE until i have deleted all my junk mail in Webmail!

When i click the retrieve/send button in OE i get the Error number 0x800CCCOE
Socket error 10010 & sometime 10060
& connection to pop & smpt failure!

  skidzy 20:00 05 Mar 2007

Sorry to say this Gaz,but i think its time you created another email account and be very careful where you register your email address.

You have not mentioned where you think this spam is coming from.....

  gazmix 21:18 05 Mar 2007

At least someone replys
I have recreated a new smtp & pop account, the guy on the tech support did this for me whilst i was on phone to him!
Now all is ok, but sometimes it gives off the engaged tone when nobody is on the phone !!
Also it's only when i clear out all my junk does it work.
Tech support says my email account is fine. I've run adaware se & spybot & shall run avg & see what happens.
I can send email to myself & others, i don't get the problem!
The spam is all stuff selling anti depressants & business venture stuff!
If i cancel my email, all will be lost, people i contact, etc, all forums i'm on about colege & work!

  skidzy 21:38 05 Mar 2007

You could backup your address book first before creating another account then import it to here and click here

  gazmix 22:00 05 Mar 2007

I have no way of backing up stuff, i have no cd writer.
All was ok 3 days ago!
It's got something to do with Webmail & OE, it only happens when i start up!
& the engaged tone, whats that about when nobody is on the phone!

  skidzy 22:04 05 Mar 2007

You dont have to backup to disc,just save them on your hdd.

  skidzy 22:07 05 Mar 2007

Just a thought Gaz,run this and follow any prompts.

Im guessing if you are on dialup,it may be possible you have a trojan dialer click here

Then run asquared and your av in safemode...matter of elimination.

  gazmix 22:15 05 Mar 2007

all was ok 2-3 days ago, this has happened before & i've gone to OE,tools, accounts, connections & reset my default connection & all was ok.
Orange webamil is acting weird at the moment, very slow, maybe it's just that!
At the moment there's no problem, but when i logon tomorrow it may not be!
I can't recieve when i go to OE from Mialwasher & the addresses are different, one is wanadoo & the other is orangehome.
I don't need any more hassle, i still havent got the bluetooth working, can't get to know what i need dvd or cd writer & now this, i'm gonna have a nervous breakdown.

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