Orange so slow but who to change to??

  joostin 11:04 20 Jul 2009

Hi guys as you can see fro my previous posts ive had slow net with orange for 8 months now tried everything changed Livebox and yesterday borrowed a laptop to see if it was my tower ran a speed test and Laptop was even slower than Desktop??.
Thinking of changing but who to?? loads say BT is good then bad AOL etc.Im getting around 129 KBPS which is rubbish.When Orange had BT engineers to call they were getting 2-3 Meg?? something wrong eh
Can you help and advise please

  oldbeefer2 11:23 20 Jul 2009

Changing ISP is unlikely to make a difference. You will see different speeds at different times of day. The main factor is the quality of the line and distance from the exchange - the main influence is the distance. If you are less than, say, 6km (cable route, not as the crow flies), you should expect at least 2meg at a quiet time of day if your line is OK. Any more and the speeds drop quite quickly.

  T I M B O 11:32 20 Jul 2009

Try this & check what speeds ISP's can deliver>>click here

Orange were always slow to speed you up to the full potential of the line you have.

  RobCharles1981 11:41 20 Jul 2009


You will do really well and would make a good move in getting rid of orange.

Is there any chance you could your line stats up for me to see here at this point please?

I assume your using the Orange Live Box?

From the web interface click here

Click the link at the bottom "Access to the configuration pages."
Click on "System Information"

Also Post Back To see who is available at your exchange?

click here

  T I M B O 11:47 20 Jul 2009

I use BT Broadband and they seem ok to me. My download speed is about 6.9, but this all depends on the line u have & how far from the exchange you are, so changing ISP's may not solve your problem. They will all tell you that you will get a speed of up to 8 meg, they are not allowed to say that anymore, they have to tell you what the realistic amount is. Be sure to check them out well.

  Salut 17:07 20 Jul 2009

12mths ago I moved house. Having used Orange for some years I asked them to provide at the new place. Result? Utter chaos and many hours of wasted time trying to get their technical people to resolve the speed problem. I went from 4.0Mbps to 0.1.

Constantly told by Orange that the speed was the best they could do. Rubbish!

Switched to o2 and immediately am running around 2.5Mbps. That may seem slow to others, but in this area that is good. We are right at the dn of the line. O2 people are genuine and keen to help. Orange could not get a damn!

Get rid of Orange as soon as you can-there are some better prices out there too.

I will never recommend Orange.

  RobCharles1981 17:12 20 Jul 2009

Seconded By Salut

All Depends with joostin on what is available at his exchange thou O2 are free if he has O2 As his phone or will have to settle for the O2 Access.

Time Will Soon Tell.


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