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  bretsky 10:50 20 Mar 2007

Hi folks
This is a letter I wrote to Orange over the weekend, would have posted this last night but couldn't connect. I know that it isn't at my end because because I connected 1st time this morning, seems to be in the evenings and judging from the pages I'm not the only one.

Dear all
My computer system is a single work station PC with Windows XP Home Edition, a Speed Touch ADSL 330 cable modem and a broadband connection speed of up to 8Mbps with Mozilla Firefox as my web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client, regularly updated NOD32 anti-virus package with Zone alarm firewall and AVG anti-spyware.

Can anybody please explain why on most occasions when I try to connect to your broadband service at any time of the week I am unsuccessful and it takes 3 or 4 attempts until I finally get connected, and yet, on some days I can connect straight away without any problems and this only appears to have happened since you became Orange, because I have been a customer for years, in fact since the Freeserve days, when I was a dial up customer, then you became Wanadoo and I went over to broadband and had no connection problems whatsoever, but since you became Orange the service has just continued to go down hill. Some evenings I just cannot connect and have to abort the internet. I don't know whether it is a software issue at the exchanges or my cable modem is just not up to the job, or there are just to many subscribers using the service at the same time, all I know is that I wish you were Wanadoo again with NO problems. Your home page takes ages to load because of all the embedded ads you have running on it, and I get more spam then ever now, even with your filters on, and the status telephone service is always out of date saying 'as from Friday 5pm' and when I'm calling it is Saturday 9pm, so then I try contacting your tech support by phone I can't get through to them either because the call centre is experiencing a very high volume of calls and I would have to wait in a cue for a long time, in other words, due to the service being down a lot of people have had the same idea.

It seems to me that you want to increase the download data speeds to attract more business, but in doing so the reliability of the service is suffering, I just wish Orange could concentrate on keeping the customer happy and providing them with a good stable broadband service.

bretsky ;0(

  johndrew 11:09 20 Mar 2007

Hello bretsky.

I am also on Wanadoo/Orange and generally have no problems at all. I say generally because there appear to be odd days and times in the week (not all weeks and varying days) when I have trouble connecting as well. I recently changed from the `old` 1MB service (expensive at £17.99pm) to the 2MB service at (£14.99pm) when I found I could. This was seamless but it was after this that I noted the inability to connect on occasion.

I put it down to one, or both, of loading and servicing. It could be that Orange is heavily loaded at specific times by businesses downloading data and/or they take servers offline to work on them. I don`t know if the newish high speed lines (8MB) also have an effect especially as more people appear to be going for the higher speeds.

The only other problem, again infrequent, is BT getting loaded up and I have to dial a couple of times to connect.

Hope this helps.

  bretsky 12:15 20 Mar 2007

Take your point, but have you ever tried to contact tech support.... 3 mins of menus of all their different products etc etc, which would suggest to me that the company is just too big, I'm seriously thinking of changing ISPs but have heard this can be a nightmare as well, and lot of inconvenience.

bretsky ;0)

  johndrew 12:37 20 Mar 2007

I never try to speak on the `phone. I either e-mail or write; either is proof of communication. For e-mail or letter contact details click here;jsessionid=EA4CD21BB4538C4CF8F939672677DC89?resultType=5002&docProp=$solution_id&groupId=1&directSolutionLink=3&gotoLink=0&page=&clusterName=DefaultCluster&docType=1006&docPropValue=kb6571 and either use the link at the top or the bottom. They do reply but sometimes it takes a day or two.

I can understand why they charge a lot for their `phone calls but it is cheeky expecting you to pay for listening to their adverts - but then all companies seem to do it now.

Changing ISP is pretty easy I`m told you can check it out by searching this forum. And the new rules on supply of MAC codes has helped. Beware of the fact that Orange give the first free but charge thereafter!!!!

As an aside others have had connection problems with Orange click here and others click here so you may want to think about it before you decide to move.

  bretsky 12:55 20 Mar 2007

Ummm seems as though this thread has been corrupted in some way looks very wide!!!!(stretched)

There again take your point, once I'm connected, no problems like dropped lines or anything like that, its just paranoia starts to creep in like could it be the last update NOD32 did etc know what I mean.

bretsky ;0)

  johndrew 16:48 20 Mar 2007

`.. corrupted in some way ..`

Yes. Don`t know what causes it; I`ve seen it here before. Probably the Orange link.

Your choice. I believe it`s better to `know the devil` than to go with the `devil you don`t`.

  bretsky 19:51 20 Mar 2007

Yeah I know, I had to go out and I've just walked in, I left the PC on but locked and with it connected to the net, and even now its painfully slow, and yet this morning it was like lightning.

bretsky ;0(

  bretsky 13:58 23 Aug 2007

I have been reading a thread on speakers corner dept "Chris The Ancient" mentioned about putting a green tick to your questioned that had been answered, and this one has, forgot to tick, apologies.

click here

Problems with Orange ISP now in the process of being rectified(I live in

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 14:00 23 Aug 2007

somewhere along the line, this thread has become corrupt in its appearance, so don't worry its not your PC....

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