Orange or BT Broadband Etc.

  SURVEY 10:08 17 Aug 2007

I am presently with Orange/Wanadoo (ever since freeserve days) for my Broadband connection. Generally it is OK apart from some line dropping on the occasional afternoon. I did speak to BT Broadband about this and they assured me that this would not happen if I migrated to them (but then I guess they would say that)! I am also now getting a lot of Spam – some 350 a day although dealt with by Mailwasher efficiently it is still necessary to download the headers just I case one is relevant.

So my thoughts are to change isp or change my email address. However my guess is that I am receiving a lot of Spam due to my email address being in other people’s address book or from emails that I have sent to other people. I have AVG, Zonealarm etc regularly updated and I reckon other people do not hence my email address gets into the hands of spammers.

Also when phoning ‘technical’ help, I have found Orange useless. They seem to have a set script, have very little knowledge of systems and one cannot understand their English!

Some postings on this site appear to indicate that BT’s service is little better than Orange and technical help is abroad with the same problems!

To those of you with Orange/Wanadoo/Freeserve and those with BT Broadband can you answer the following:

1. Is Orange’s service getting better or worse?
2. Is BT’s service any good? Has anyone swapped from Orange to BT and found an improvement?
3. My present email address with Freeserve is long-winded Is the new Orange one shorter? I have set up a BT email address in case I migrate and this is shorter being

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

  Miros 11:14 17 Aug 2007

I gave up on Mailwasher Pro a long time ago, it will not stop spam. Instead I use click here which is a small simple tool, easy to set up and operate, it will not stop spam but allows me to see headers and contents if there is any there, then delete without downloading.

A friend of mine who lives in sheltered housing which supplies a free to use Internet enabled PC, never uses it as it's ISP is Orange and he is unable to connect for longer that a couple of minutes. He prefers to walk to the local library which is healthier anyway:-)

Myself I have been with AOL for just under four years, although I had my gripes in the past, since late on last year I did a deal with them, after requesting a mac code. They have now supplied a router and I only pay £9.99p per month, but what is most important since installing the router their service has been beyond reproach, I would not now change my ISP.

Speed is only 2 MBs but download is unlimited, as I understand it with some greater speed services you are governed by locality and Internet traffic which can slow you down anyway, so why pay the extra.

  Jak_1 13:53 17 Aug 2007

Personally I have found Orange's service to be improvng, I had occasion to ring tech the other night as I was having a prob installing the livebox, I got through straight away and the problem sorted out in 5 mins using their admin passes to get me up and running. I have like you been with them since the freeserve days.Recieved a mail from them this morning to say I could now use the livebox for free over the net phonecalls.

From what I have heard, BT have fairly low user caps compared to other isp's, but then it all rally depends on how much you intend downloading per month. With orange I pay £19.99 a month for unlimited usage subject to fair usage, orange fair usage is that you don't do heavy downloading between 6 pm and 11 pm daily, outside those times you can download to your hearts content. This info was given to me by their own people when the asked if I wanted to upgrade from my old 512 unlimited conection to their up to 8 meg package.

  rawprawn 13:56 17 Aug 2007

I migrated from Tiscali to BTinternet about 6 weeks ago and I am delighted.

  avesnes1 14:51 17 Aug 2007

I've been with Freeserve from the early days. I changed from dialup to broadband last January. The initial setup was fairly straight forward but it took about 6 weeks before the free phone was usable. It took many calls to the helpline and most of the time they were not much use. Since then the broadband has been very stable with very little trouble and therefore no need to use the helpline.

  SURVEY 19:12 17 Aug 2007

Miros - Mailwasher free (that I use) also allows just the headers to be shown and then I can delete. It is the volume of spam that is annoying but I guess there is nothing that can be done as I am sure the spammers obtain my email address from other peoples computers that I have communicated with. The only answer seems to be to regularly change email addresses.

Jak_1 - Good to know that you think Orange's service is improving, especially tech support. It may be worthwhile my hanging on before considerintg a change.

rawprawn - from friends who are or have been on Tiscali, I think that most people would find any isp better than Tiscali!!

  Miros 19:29 17 Aug 2007

I know MailWasher allows that, it also comes with a lot of extra bells and whistles besides. But honestly at the end of the day it does no more than ePrompter, give a try it's easier to use and set up, it's also free, and handles up to sixteen email address's at a time without the need to open up your mail server or web mail, and it's also tiny. I always say that I'm a better judge of spam than any anti spam programme which has to consult me anyway :-)

BY the way my MailWasher was the pro version, which is for life, I could still use if I wished but I don't! I got me a little programme called ePromter instead, wish I had known about before I paid out my money. I wouldn't be without it.

  bretsky 01:06 18 Aug 2007

Like you and many others, have been with Orange since the Freeserve days. I Find:

1. Spam comes and goes in waves, at the moment it is about 60 a day.

2. Tech support absolutely crap, unless you use their supplied modems etc etc and use OE or Outlook which I don't, your stuffed.(Use Zoom pci adsl modem with Thunderbird email client)

3. Connectivity is sporadic, rush hour period you can speed up to 20 mins trying to get online.

4. when get connected my line is hardly ever dropped.

5. supposed to be up to 8 Mbp/s, never achieved, 4.5 to 5 I think is the best I get, and at peak times it is about 1.5, one evening it took me 9 mins to download a 8Mb set of jps in an email.

6. smtp servers where completely up the shoot just after Christmas this year, so my email service was severely compromised.

7. Use Orange webmail filters to delete spam, also use mailwasher pro

8. Customer services are in another cosmos, I can paper my study with the replies to which you get the standard 2 paragraph letter in which you just go round and round in circles.

There is even a Orange problem website dedicated to suffering Orange customers, click here worth a look.
Also many problem threads on this website, particularly this year with the email crisis we had.

My advice to anybody seeking an ISP, don't go with Orange!!

bretsky ;0(

  SURVEY 08:42 18 Aug 2007

bretsky - so are you still with Orange? If not, why have you not migrated?

Is anyone of the opinion that BT may be no better than Orange?

  Technotiger 08:58 18 Aug 2007

I have never used Orange but have been with BT Broadband for five years on their Option 1 - 2Mb. Next week I am upgrading to BT's Option 3 - up to 8Mb, at no extra cost. I am very happy with my BT Broadband, I have never had any dropped connections nor any problems with download speeds/amounts.

I have helped several of my friends to set-up BT Broadband, two of them I migrated from Tiscali, all are now very satisfied. All are Silver Surfers!

I certainly recommend BT Broadband.

  Technotiger 09:01 18 Aug 2007

Forgot to mention - I am also Ex-Tiscali!

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