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  Forrest76 10:08 06 Mar 2009

I'm sure there's been loads of people asking for help with their Liveboxes but hopefully you'll all still be willing to help me!

I've had my Livebox for just over a year now and it's worked fine with my PC through a wired connection and with my PS3 with a wireless connection, until earlier this week.

We had a very short power cut on Wednesday night (for about 2 seconds). Both my PC and Livebox were plugged in and I was on the internet at the time.

Ever since it happened I have not been able to connect to the internet on my PC through the wired connection but my PS3 still works fine if I want to connect to the internet.

My PC recognises when I plug in and unplugged the ethernet cable from the Livebox but I cannot go to the webpage 192.168.1 (can't remember what exactly it is, but I have got it on a note at home, in case something like this happened!)

I have tried to re-install the Livebox software but I get an error message saying the software is meant for 'Windows XP SP1+' so it won't let me go into the software. I really don't understand this one as I'm on SP3 and it's a legitmate version so surely it should work?!

I can normally sort stuff like this out but I'm completely stumped on this one!

  tonyq 10:16 06 Mar 2009

May I suggest that you sign up to the following forum and post your problem if you cannot get an answer on here. When I was with Orange broadband I found this site very useful.
click here

  Forrest76 10:21 06 Mar 2009

Have done, cheers Tonyq

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:50 06 Mar 2009

This process will erase all settings entered into the Livebox (eg your username and password) and restore factory settings.

follow these steps :

unplug all cables, including the power and broadband cable from your Livebox

hold down button number 1 on the Livebox and keep it held down

insert the power cable - you must keep hold of button number 1 while doing this

the following 3 lights @ ,>> and phone should illuminate simultaneously

now all the lights will illuminate and you will hear a 'click' from inside the Livebox

the pairing light will flash 7 times in quick succession

after the 7th flash release button 1

after a few moments, the lights will go out, and the exclamation light will flash quickly for a short time

plug the broadband cable back into the Livebox (directly next to the power cable)

the lights will settle so that the warning triangle light is off and only the @ and pairing lights are flashing slowly

Once complete, you'll need to install your Livebox again, to update your username and password details.

note : If the procedure does not work as described, and you are still experiencing connection issues with your Livebox, then please restart the procedure from the beginning.

1. click here or type http:// configuration.adsl/ (without the space) in your browser address line.

2. you will now be connected to the livebox click on "Access to the configuration pages (access to these pages is restricted, you must have the password)."

3. Input the username and password (admin for both if you have not changed it)

4. you can then input your Orange Username and password back into the box and then you shpul beable to connect to the internet.

If a connection is still not possible, you may need to follow the Rescue System procedure.

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