Orange Live Box - wired connections

  Yodasbeard 17:04 11 Sep 2007

I am currently using one PC with Orange Broadband but I'm wanting to connect two PC's soon. Am I right in believing that if I connect both PC's via a cable that I will not then need any wireless security as I am technically not wireless? Also, can anyone confirm that the Orange Live box does have TWO connector ports for wired connection?

  Brad G 17:07 11 Sep 2007

a networks a network and im presuming the orange live box is a router.. in which case it will most probably have four ports on the back allowing you to do this... if you was using a usb modem for internet broadband ( eg - the broadband is not connected until you click connect after logging on to your computer) you would then have to cross over network cable.

wireless networks are highly over rated... and even the WPA encrypted ones are not secure and easy to crack

  Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 18:01 11 Sep 2007

on my live box there are 2 ports but no idea if they are network ports. if u insert the orange live box set up cd into the other computer. you can choose the option "set up connection on another computer". hope this helps.

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