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  docbob2596 08:10 04 May 2008

Hi, Newbie here.
I have live box from Orange, and quite happy with it as I use the Orange VOIP service for free.. however I woudl really love to boost its wifi signal as we have a large garden, and I have a garden office.

My idea was to plug in a wifi router ( without modem) - I lready use an ethernet hub for wired internet netwrok connection with no probelms, but as soon as I plug in the wifi router nothing works.

I have a Linksys Wireless G WRT54GS.

I've tried all sorts of stuff but can't get to the internet even by cable through the Linksys to the livebox and thence to the internet...

What settings should I give it to enasble it oto connect through the LAN cable to the live box and through it to the internet...

Is it possible to do this or am I just wasting my time?

  mgmcc 09:01 05 May 2008

You need to connect the Linksys router's WAN port to a LAN port in the Livebox. The Linksys will then get its WAN IP address (which will actually be an address in the Livebox's LAN subnet) from the Livebox and the Linksys in turn will allocate the LAN IP addresses to the computers connected to it.

I don't know which subnet (IP address range) a Livebox operates in but, if its address is in the 192.168.1.x range, this will conflict with the Linksys which uses this subnet. You would therefore need to change the subnet that one of the routers operates in and the simplest way to do this would be to change the Linksys router's own IP address from to, say, so that it then allocates addresses in the 192.168.3.x range.

  docbob2596 09:31 05 May 2008

I'll try it out later today once doen the obligatory mayday stuff.....

  docbob2596 10:18 05 May 2008

Ok. I'm not sure what to really do here...

here are the settigns from my live box - I give everything in case its needed.

INVENTEL version : v5.10
Livebox-C758 (00:16:AE:84:C7:58)

ADSL firmware version : A2pBT009c1.d17d
Connection mode : G.DMT
Type : Interleave
Noise margin (dB) : 12.4
Attenuation (dB) : 12.0
Attainable download rate (kbps) : 10304
ADSL status : Connected [0]

Downstream Upstream
Rate (kbps) 8128 448

WAN IP address :
Gateway :
Primary DNS server :
Secondary DNS server :

Internet protocol : pppoa
Encapsulation : VC-Mux
VP : 0
VC : 38
Broadband Username : xxx
Mode : Permanent [1--1]


Enable Wireless LAN : Enabled
Device address : 00:16:CF:28:6E:FC
Card type : bcm
Channel number : 1
Maximum pairing time (minutes) : 10
Livebox Name : : xxx
WEP Security Key : xxx
Easy pairing state : Enabled

Devices connected to your network
Device address

Firewall : Low (disable firewall)
Maximum pairing time (minutes) : 10
Your computer's IP address :
UPnP : Enabled

UPnP router table Protocol External port Internal port Server IP address
udp 53993 10439

Port Forwarding - NAT
Service Protocol External port Internal port Server IP address

Enable DHCP server : Enabled
LAN IP address:
Broadcast LAN IP address:
Subnet mask:
DHCP start address:
DHCP server end address:

Yellow Ethernet interface: Connected
Red Ethernet interface: Cable disconnected
USB interface: Cable disconnected

Dynamic DNS Server status: Off

WITH THE LINKSYS I seem only to be able to use the wizard CD rom to set up..

It offers me immediatley 5 choices of how to set up..
DCHP - this does nto let me make any settings and kicks me out as soon as it runs the check internet connection

PPPoE - again kickes me out when checking internet connection phase of set up

Static Ip - I think this is what I need to use;
but am confused what settign to put in: the requested fields are:

IP address
subnet mask

but which of the live box IP addresses should I use?

the other options are

sorry to be a pain.. I'm a medic not an IT boffin...

  mgmcc 20:44 05 May 2008

Both routers have the same IP address ( so you *MUST* change one of them, ideally the Linksys, to have a different IP address.

Forget CDs and wizards. To configure the Linksys router, connect an ethernet cable directly between the PC and one of the Linksys router's LAN ports. Type its address of into your web browser and that should open its configuration pages. (You'll need to enter the Username/Password - defaults are Username left blank, Password "admin".) You want "Setup > Basic setup" which should be the window that opens.

a) Set the Internet Connection Type to "Automatic Configuration - DHCP".

b) Change the "Local IP address" from to

Click the "Save Settings" button at the bottom.

Now connect the Linksys router's WAN port by ethernet cable to the Livebox's LAN port and you should have internet access in the PC that's connected to the Linksys router.

If necessary, you can then configure the Linksys router's wireless settings so that you can remove the ethernet cable and connect to it wirelessly.

  docbob2596 18:01 06 May 2008

sorted eventually.. needed more than just ip adress change... some of the settings for the router wireless needed changing... fortuantely combination of your help and a workmate got the thing going....

thanks for all your help....

  Remix95 20:54 10 Nov 2011

I am having problems connecting my Orange Livebox to my PS3, despite being able to successfully connect for about 2 years now. At first, the problem was that it couldn't obtain the IP address so I manually entered it, along with manually entering the Subnet Mask, Default Router (gateway), Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. Now when I connect, it has no trouble obtaining the IP, but says I have a DNS error.(80710102). I have been working on fixing the problem for so long and am desperate to get online. Please help, thanks!

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