Orange email problems

  bretsky 15:09 05 May 2007

Has nobody had problems with Orange email?
Windows XP Home Ed, Adsl up to 8Mbp/s speedTouch 330 cable modem.

I for the past two weeks cannot send rely or forward my email only after several attempts do they go off and also if I change the account settings to either Freeserve, Wanadoo (which it has been for years)or Orangehome. Download speeds are at a crawl.

I use Mozilla Thunderbird V2 in conjunction with MSGtag status 2, which there tech support is trying to find out what the problem is, but even when I send a debug txt file that MSGtag has generated, this attachment is being stripped off, so when tech support in New Zealand get the email, No attachment is present, so I have had to Copy and paste the log file into the body of the email.

The only thing that they(MSGtag) have established is that their reply emails that I reply to are being tagged, so when MSGtag in New Zealand opens my reply email, it triggers off a message tag that I receive(hope that makes sense)so they say the problem is not from my PC, but until they have looked at the debug file, I'm just waiting to see what outcome will be.

I have done all the usual tests with AV, firewall etc etc all to no avail!

Have been on click here and it appears that this has been going on for months but up until a couple of weeks ago my email service was fine now even sending a test email to myself is a hassle with errors messages being thrown up.

bretsky ;0(

  johndrew 16:54 05 May 2007

I`m using Wanadoo/Orange 2Mbps with OE and have had no problems although I have seen a number of posts on the subject. Must also admit I send relatively few e-mails and receive very few as well (thankfully virtually no Spam). Main contact is with family and mail seems quick enough both ways.

Have you tried using OE instead of Thunderbird just in case there is something being caused by the software? I know it`s a longshot but maybe worth a try.

  bretsky 17:04 05 May 2007

Hi there, yep tried OE, same and yes I'm an email this is a real pain in the **@!

One of my relatives sent me a 9.5Mb file attachment containing family pix and it took about 7 mins to download. Two weeks ago my Adsl connection was down for 2 days, problems at my exchange so tech support said. What can I say? Wits end!!

bretsky ;0(

  jarani 18:11 05 May 2007

freeserve - using both oe & mozilla without any problems except tons of spam on oe - jarani

  bretsky 18:23 05 May 2007

Hi, well that's another thing I've noticed, my spam in my junk folder in my web mail(Orange home page) has been reduced from approx 65 a day to 20, so something is definitely amiss.

bretsky ;0(

  Fingees 19:16 05 May 2007

you can also obtain your email by entering your email address and password on their homepage, in the top right hand.

I know this is usually used for their web mail, but it works ok for their normal email as well.

Certainly worth a try, if you're having trouble.

  bretsky 20:32 05 May 2007

Have been doing this for years so nothing new, I do this just to see how much spam I'm getting without downloading this crap onto my pc.

NO ......the problem seems to be with Orange as I have had my account with them for 7 years when it was freeserve and now the service has completely vanished. If MSGtag point the problem at Orange I will have to change ISPs at great inconvenience!

bretsky ;0(

  jarani 21:32 05 May 2007

bretsky - that is very interesting - my spam have also reduced in junk folder in exactly the same numbers as you quote - they were reaching 100 per day at one stage but that was short lived - jarani

PS - I am also shortly leaving freeserve at considerable inconvenience when I decide which ISP to select - my problem was in being penalised when they failed for their own reasons to collect my subscription by direct debit from a very long standing account - i have been with them since Dixon days years ago

  bretsky 21:51 05 May 2007

Sorry Fingees if I appeared to be rude but I'm absolutely browned off with all, I've just sent an email on a Freeserve pop & smtp setting from Thunderbird V2, and it went with no hesitation.

jarani, that will be my next thread on here is to how easy is this going to be.

I have had recipients say that they had opened up an email virtually the day it was sent and yet MSGtag says that the email was opened 7 weeks after, if that makes any sense!! (email sent 8th march, MSGtag notified me on the 26th April)

bretsky ;0(

  greenlamp 23:38 05 May 2007

Seems to be another symptom of the change to orange, I never had this problem with wanadoo or freeserve. Now not being able to download/upload email to OE is all too frequent.

  bretsky 00:02 06 May 2007

Yep I agree, never had these problems when it was Wanadoo.Its not just email either, at peak times "my surfing experience" (that's a laugh!)is at standstill,eg, Friday at about 14.00 I could connect to the internet and log in to my web mail and delete all spam rubbish in my junk folder in about 4 mins and yet doing the same task later on at about 21.00, took me nearly 12 mins.

seems not just me click here

bretsky ;0(

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