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  bretsky 19:22 11 Sep 2009

Hi folks, if like me you use Orange as your ISP, been trying to download my email tonight via T/bird and getting "Failed to connect to server" lots of scratching of the head because nothing has been altered since I last used the PC.

I can send email with no problem, just cannot receive it.

To rectify this, you need to change you pop settings in your email program to orangehome so it becomes instead of wanadoo, just tried and all is OK now, probably just a blip but if your wondering what's up and googling the error messsages try the above.


brestsky ;0)

Going to have my tea now.

  TonyV 19:43 11 Sep 2009

My sister was having similar problems with her system using OE and I managed to get her to change her pop settings but used wanadoo rather than the myriad of freeserve addresses. It appears to be working OK, though she hasn't come back to me yet to say she is still having problems. I will bear in mind what you say should the event occur again.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:53 11 Sep 2009

pop freeserve still works alright for me using OE

  skidzy 20:17 11 Sep 2009

Mine is down also, not sure how long its been down though.

OE down on xp and Windows Mail is down on Vista with Orange but settings are Wanadoo.

There use to be a small issue with the pop setings with one one of the change overs ( Freeserve to Wanadoo ) im unaware of this happening again with Wanadoo and changing the pop settings to Orange.

However ive just tried changing the settings to Orange and effect.

  bretsky 21:57 11 Sep 2009

Hi, yeah....been using wanadoo settings for years and and never had any problems until this evening, so looked here at click here and at click here and click here

So hopefully fingers crossed should still continue to work.
Remember, if you're using any programs like mailwasher the settings need to changed also.

bretsky ;0)

  skidzy 22:10 11 Sep 2009

Just changed the pop and smtp settings to orangehome and all seems ok now.

Well done Bretsky.

  johndrew 10:03 12 Sep 2009

Don`t know if I did this correctly, but I added `` using the wizard and although I have downloaded a couple of e-mails I still get the error message for wanadoo.

Should I have deleted the wanadoo entry completely or is there another way of disabling any action?

  bretsky 10:51 12 Sep 2009

You only need to change your pop settings in your email program to orangehome so it becomes instead of

So my account settings in Thunderbird using a standalone XP PC hard wired pci modem for B/B are: and for the smtp settings I use their (Orange)IP address this was because about 3 years ago, thousands of Orange customers could receive emails but couldn't send them from their PC's, this went on for months as lots of the forum members here are aware, so it was suggested that we use their IP address worked so have stuck with that ever since.

Also I have mailwasher and MSGTag in the mix so when something like this happens there are other factors involved, port settings etc etc.

Yep just sent an email to myself and mailwasher informs me I have mail which in turn I use to fire up T/bird then when I open the email, 20 seconds later MSGTag dinks me with a notification flag in the system tray, so yes, all is working normally now

bretsky ;0)

  johndrew 11:08 12 Sep 2009

Thanks for coming back bretsky.

I have deleted the wanadoo account and sent myself an e-mail, but the error message

"The connection to the server has failed. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E"

came up and the e-mail is stuck in my Outbox.

Where do I go from here?

  johndrew 11:19 12 Sep 2009

Went to the Orange site to try and get into web mail and got this click here "Error 405 Method not allowed"

Any idea what is going on?

  bretsky 11:50 12 Sep 2009

Can you get to your webmail via click here
and click on "your email account" (top right of the page)

bretsky ;0)

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