Orange and dropout of Broadband

  MIKE. 11:07 26 Jul 2006

This may seem a simple problem but it has me stumped. My neighbour has been using Wanadoo as is ISP provider which worked without any problems. When Orange took over Wanadoo he found he could not access the web,I looked at his setup yesterday and found among other things his user ID and password were wrong after correcting these problems I managed to get online. I then noticed the line would drop out after about 15 seconds. I assumed as his setup worked previously his Pc must be ok. He contacted Orange who got him to switch of his PC unplug all his connections from the back of his PC switch on and reconnect the leads lo and behold it worked without dropouts, but when he powers down and switch's off then reconnects to the internet he has the same problems. Any Ideas please folks as I am stumped.

  Woolwell 11:35 26 Jul 2006

How did his user id and password change? Sounds as if someone has been altering settings and may well have altered other properties too.
Is your neighbour connecting via the Speedtouch modem? Have a check that the Speedtouch properties are ok and that idle time is set to never.
May also be worthwhile running an anti-virus and malware check.

  MIKE. 11:52 26 Jul 2006

Hi Woolwell thanks for your information yes he does use speedtouch modem. I will have a look at the setup of his modem. As an additional point would the speedtouch modem he has been using, was working at 2Meg speed Orange is supplying 8Meg would he need a newer Modem.

  Woolwell 11:57 26 Jul 2006

Not sure about a new modem but I doubt whether he will in fact be able to get 8 Mb. It depends on so many factors - distnce from exchange, quality of line, whether the exchange is capable. You can check - there are other threads on this subject.
Was he actually getting 2 Meg or a lower speed?

  MIKE. 12:12 26 Jul 2006

Thanks Woolwell I realise what you are saying about not getting a full 8 Meg. I was curious about any problems with the Modem trying to access more than 2 Meg and causing it to drop connection. Again many thanks for your input it gives me food for thought.

  Woolwell 12:21 26 Jul 2006

Doubt that it is the speed of connection which is causing the drop out - more likely to be something else. Also check that there isn't anything wrong with his USB ports.
When Wanadoo became Orange your neighbour didn't have to change anything at all. It sounds as if he may have tried to change settings. I could be wrong on this!

  MIKE. 14:11 26 Jul 2006

Thanks Woolwell will try settings on speedtouch

  scannerman 18:50 26 Jul 2006

I am on Orange (ex wanadoo) and over the last week i have had:
1. No connection at all
2. Drop outs
3. Username access denied.
My brother who is with Orange dialup has had the same.

They run the internet service just like they run their mobile service CR*P.

  Dipso 21:04 26 Jul 2006

The Speedtouch is supposed to be able to handle up to 8 Meg (personally I recommend a router but that's by the by) however, Speedtouch recommend you update the driver as the standard driver can only handle speeds up to 4 Meg. This may or may not be the problem but its worth checking out click here and click here

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