Orange broadband upgrade to a faster speed

  Daiol 13:07 12 Aug 2012

Hi,I have been with Orange broadband now for a long time,It was freeserve then it went to wanadoo now orange. Just upgraded to the new package with orange 'broadband & free evenings/weekend calls.Went to check the speed of my internet,Could someone please advise me on the results of the test figures.

Download speed 16.8mb/s upload speed 0.8mb/s

Now are those figures good or average,Desktop running windows 7 connected to a orange bright box via ethernet wire. Many thanks. daiol

  KRONOS the First 13:34 12 Aug 2012

Short answer.Yes for download but upload seems a little slow.

  Ian in Northampton 17:02 12 Aug 2012

I can only dream of download speeds like that. Mine is 6.8MB on a good day...

  spuds 17:57 12 Aug 2012

"Mine is 6.8MB on a good day..."

Mine use to be around 1Mb, then after many complaints and 'line work' managed to average 5Mb on a 6Mb line service, with a possible promise of 'upto' 10Mb.

But going back to the originator's question. 16.8Mb would seem very good, but that would all depend on what you were quoted. 'Upto' no longer applies, because Ofcom are now insisting that ISP's give a realistic download and upload figure, that the line is capable of providing. Did the ISP give this?.

0,8Mb does appear a little low though. Try for a comparison. Try different servers, when testing for long and short distance averages.

  Daiol 18:22 12 Aug 2012

Well here we are ''spuds''Did the test with your link at 1820hrs Results here.[IMG][/IMG]

What does one think?

Many thanks

  rdave13 18:52 12 Aug 2012

Nearly a meg upload and nearly 17 meg download is good in my book. No buffering in you tube in highest resolution then.. :)

  difarn 08:26 13 Aug 2012

I have been with Orange for a long time too but have the Livebox because I still use the VOIP. I get 4.90meg download on a good day. I had a call from Orange a few days ago asking if I wanted to change to a package to include phone. I declined as I wanted to stay with BT. FTTC has now arrived in the village but we have overhead cables in our part of the village and the Openreach Engineer said we probably wouldn't get the super speeds because of the state of the wiring to our homes.

I was having quite a few drop-outs and had a new Livebox. Meanwhile BT eventually did a line check and there was a fault that couldn't be fixed so we were given a new one. This didn't immediately fix the problem and Orange sent a Brightbox. However, over the next couple of days the connection became more stable and I haven't yet taken the Brightbox out of the box as it has, more or less, remained the same, although there are times when it is on a go slow.

Out of interest what was your speed before you changed over to the new package?

  Peter 10:02 13 Aug 2012


Here in London I am served from a pole about 20 yards away. Since an upgrade, about 2 years ago (ADSL2 I think, not FTTC or FTTP), I get a 16 Meg service which runs at 14 - 15 Meg download and 1 Meg upload.

My wiring, internal and external, is about 30 years old, so I don't think the overhead wiring will necessarily be a problem.


  Daiol 11:04 13 Aug 2012

Hi,Regarding the question what was it like before the 'Bright Box'I had a Belkin router.But cant remember what the speed was with the belkin,Don't think it was anyway near the Brightbox speed. So the main feeling is that its prity good. Thanks for all the feedback. daiol.

  difarn 12:37 13 Aug 2012


Thanks for that - the wiring here is much older than that. Orange has said that 5 meg is about the max for our provision. Having FTTC now in the village has put me in a quandary - do I believe their "sales pitch" or the Openreach Engineer? The Engineer said that there were problems "underground" too and no immediate plans for it to be replaced. A 5 meg constant supply is ok for my needs - what was not acceptable was the constant dropping off.

Am still in a quandary though.

  difarn 12:38 13 Aug 2012


Thanks for that - I assumed you were previously using a Livebox, for some reason.

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