Orange broadband problems

  noobtype 19:07 24 May 2007


Orange Broadband have just chaged my connection to LLU looping. It was around 6MEG, since the change its down to half a meg in the evening when it should be 8m (according to Orange customer support is less than useless. The thing that confuses me - clicking on My connections, the internet gateway icon says its 8.1 meg with 600,000 odd packets sent, but only 6000 recieved in my computer. What exactly do the packets indicate? Does it mean that the signal is ok but for some reason my PC isn't configured to receive? Anyone else have this problem with them?

  Gigs 21:10 24 May 2007

Hi noobtype
I am afraid I am not going to help but see my posting under bin. files, just before yours. I too am having problems with Orange which has just started in the last few days. 8MB service downto about 570KBPS!

  Dipso 21:41 24 May 2007

More of the same click here

  noobtype 23:03 24 May 2007

It's unbelievable. And you fele as though you just can't get any help. If I bought this in a shop i'd be disgusted. Who the hell is regulating this?

  noobtype 23:08 24 May 2007

Gigs - I was using a router but after the signal collapsed no one from Orange would even talk to me unless I used their piece of crap livebox, so I put that in, but no change. I have exactly the same thing: around 500k or less.


  bretsky 12:58 25 May 2007

If you click on the links below, Orange have massive problems right now, these below refer to email problems, but if you go to click here you will get a better idea.

click here

click here

click here

My service recently has been worse than dial up and I'm supposed to be on an "up to 8Mbp/s" LLU connection.

These problems are still on going with no end in sight I'm sad to say.

bretsky :0(

  Geord 20:20 25 May 2007

Believe it or not I recently won an "Orange Livebox" but since reading all the horror stories on this site I haven't installed it and have stuck with Tiscali Broadband. I know they get a lot of criticism, but I've rarely had any problems, and on the couple of occasions when I have needed their helpdesk support they have resolved my issue (albeit rather expensive at 50p per minute when the fault is theirs!)

  p;3 20:35 25 May 2007

f e would be pleased to have a contribution from you on his thread at click here

  bretsky 21:47 25 May 2007

I'd bin it and give Orange a wide birth!

p;3 Third "click here" on my reply above.

bretsky ;0(

  raysophie 14:54 30 May 2007

Not sure if I am butting in but I have a problem with a friends Orange Broadband with wireless connection. The small task bar icon of TV says speed ranging from 1Mbps to 24 Mbps, on mny laptop on Bt showing 54Mbps. Any idea what is causing this?
If I need to start another thread please advise.

  p;3 17:42 30 May 2007

suggest you start your own separate thread to get the replies you require for your specific problem ;(else you is hijacking this thread!!)

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