Orange broadband problem

  jz 22:33 17 Oct 2007

A non-technical relative has phoned me saying he is having problems with his Orange broadband. It was fine for a year, but now he has problems connecting, or he looses a connection. He has a wireless modem, supplied by orange, but has this problem both for wireless and non-wireless connections.

Any advice on debugging this? Also, is it possible for him to avoid phoning Orange's 50p/minute Technical support phone line - is there an another cheaper Orange phone line that he should contact?

He lives over 150 miles away, so I can't just go over there and sort it out!

  ventanas 08:42 18 Oct 2007

I assume we're talking Livebox here. And I also assume that your relative has gone through the motions of switching it off for ten minutes, switching back on and waiting until all lights have stopped flashing, and then confirming that the normal three lights are constant. If this is what happens then it's connecting ok and it may be time to start looking at the phone line, the phone point itself (I've had problems with these) and also the filter (try changing it).

With Orange help it can be hit and miss. I had a problem some months back I was advised all sorts of rubbish by various "helpers" until one day I was explaining things to someone who immediately new what it was and solved things there and then. I would suggest one more call and ask them to test the line if things don't improve.

  TonyM 08:48 18 Oct 2007

If he hasn't changed anything in the setup he is using, I would agree that the most likely cause is problems with the phone line (inside or outside the house). First thing I would do is check all connections are properly made, and then ask him if there is any crackling/noise on the line when making calls ?

  xania 08:59 18 Oct 2007

Also try disconnecting all the telephones (including any answaphones, TV connections etc) and all filters so that the line is completely empty, then try the connection with just a single filter on the line. If that fails, try replacing the filter only. If it still fails, assume a line fault or a modem failure, and see if you can borrow a modem from someone to test the line.

If this is successful, then add one item at a time until it fails again to trace the faulty unit.

  jz 20:45 18 Oct 2007

Thanks for all your suggestions - they are very helpful, I will pass them on. His phone line didn't crackle at all when I was phoned him, and he said it was clear his end too. But a good voice line doesn't mean a good broadband line of course.

He tells me that the problem is much worse during "peak" hours, which makes me suspect it isn't the phone line problem.

  Jak_1 20:58 18 Oct 2007

How far is he from the exchange, also remember the contention rate! Contention rate really comes in during peak hours when every man and his dog are online. Sometimes I find that doing a re-boot can help when things get very slow and it appears that a conection has dropped.Sometimes a connection appears to have been dropped and web pages not accessible but emai still responds and some other programs still respond. I am with Orange and am at the far end of the exchange area and occasionally, fo me anyway, a re-boot sorts things.

  laurie53 21:05 18 Oct 2007

Had a similar problem with Orange broadband for a few weeks.

Turned out to be a defective line from the phone socket to the Livebox.

No other symptoms, and it came out of the blue having been OK since installation.

Might be worth substituting the line - they're cheap enough.

  Strawballs 22:15 18 Oct 2007

Can I suggest anyone with Orange problems read this thread click here

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