Orange Broadband Livebox problem

  logoff 08:46 29 Nov 2007

Have been with Orange since Wanadoo and use WindowsXP sp 2 -have 2G Pentium 4 with 2 Gigs of SDRAM.

Have been losing connection to internet increasingly frequently lately but last night lost any connection at all. I think it is a livebox problem as the lights do not flash when switched on and only two (rather than three) end up on. I think it connects to Orange server, internet phone but does not search internet connection. Could be wrong. Have phoned the tech support most of last night-as much as I could stand-they have suggested everything to do with the PC such as connections (OK), ethernet cable (OK) changed it recently anyway and ethernet card (OK). Any suggestions as to how to proceed? I think it needs a new Livebox but not sure how to persuade Orange of this. Grateful for any suggestions.

  Boghound 10:54 29 Nov 2007

Do you get "Ethernet" connection disabled in taskbar? If so, it's the Ethernet card. If not, try a reset by pressing the re-set button. Try a complete reinstall from the Orange cd. Try using a friends modem to see whether it's the Livebox. try click here

  Jak_1 11:05 29 Nov 2007

Orange have been having problems in quite a few areas with people being unable to connect, even after re-setting the livebox.I had this problem a few weeks ago and contacted orange about it. They got BT to do a line test which was fine, as well as doing a livebox re-set, and then admitted they were having server outages in many areas.
It has been better the last couple of weeks and I've only had one outage but it has been very slow at peak times on occasion and some websites failing to conect.

  logoff 11:23 29 Nov 2007

Thanks Boghound -as of last night, yes the LAN was showing in the taskbar as not connected although it is the difference in behaviour of the livebox when switched on which is most obvious -and the number of lights that come on.

Jak_1, thanks again, I know there have been issues and I have experienced some -but not like this-has usually shown LAN as connected at 100 MBps but not able to access the internet. Have turned off, disconnected and restarted many times now and it has not helped. The livebox simply is not acting as it normally does.

  Jak_1 12:52 29 Nov 2007

Have orange asked BT to do a line test to the livebox? If not then that would be a good start to rule out a line problem giving a weak adsl signal. If that test (24 hours) is ok then it may well be a faulty Livebox in which case Orange should replace it.

  logoff 13:32 29 Nov 2007

Jak_1 -thanks and will do that. I managed to find an e-mail contact address on the website (from work, of course) and sent a message earlier today regarding the livebox-will try and ring them later about the test. May not be able to get back on-line until Monday after leaving work tonight though!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:25 29 Nov 2007

What lghts are lit on the livebox?

You should have 2 4 and 5(phone) lit 3 ill flash as you are up or downloading.

  logoff 15:58 29 Nov 2007

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\ the one at the @ sign and the one at the phone handset sign -the internet phone does work. Can't remember which other one was always on before (when it worked) but was definitely 3!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:11 29 Nov 2007

@ This light :

is ON when you have successfully logged into your broadband account

flashes rapidly when your Broadband is not synchronized. This could be because your telephone line has not been enable for Orange Broadband yet. This can take up to 10 days from the point of registration. Alternatively, your filters may not be set up correctly. Alternatively, you may need to check the set up of your broadband filters.

flashes slowly when your Broadband is synchronized but you have not correctly installed your Livebox, eg your username and password haven't been entered correctly

4 Is wireless and talk phone (go it wrong above)
5 is wireless

If you are connected by Cable (to red socket on Box then it should work with @ lit as password usename is st in the box.

You may have a bad cable or ethernet connection on the PC.

Is the led lit on the back of the PC where the cable connects?
CAn you look in Device manger to see if there are any exclamation marks against the ethernet drivers?

  logoff 16:38 29 Nov 2007

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ -I have been using the Broad Band for about 2 years without any (major) problem. I have changed the ethernet cable to check it wasn't that and back again.

I also swapped the filter last night for an unused one I had in case it might have been that.

Will check the ethernet drivers tomorrow as I am stuck at work until quite late here tonight. May not be able to post back until Monday, though, as am not in work til then and may not have access to a PC with internet access until I am!

  Boghound 08:23 30 Nov 2007

It sounds as though the ethernet card is playing up..Just renew the card or if it's on the motherboard install a card...They are cheap and easy to do...I had the same problem in France...Was sent two new Livebox's, same problem...So installed a Netgear card and bought a Netgear DG834 Modem/Router.Problem cured...Now have two new Livebox's for sale!!!

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