orange broadband - connection problems

  sah1157 10:31 17 Sep 2007

hi, i was just wondering if any people have had problems with orange after their so called upgrade recently. after having worked fine for 3 months, my father lost his connection over a weekend whilst they 'put in their own equipment' at the exchange. that was 6 weeks ago and it's never come back! in spite of engineers [bt and orange] coming out to look at everything. he's in romford, essex. i think some of these exchanges cannot handle the number of people they try to connect through the system. these broadband providers simply do not have enough resources to meet the demand!
i'm with orange, based in bucks, and i have never had any problems, so it's very frustrating. he had the same problems with aol, so i persuaded him to switch to orange!

  A-Nonymous 13:55 17 Sep 2007

It may not be a problem with the providers themselves.

  flopper1 14:12 17 Sep 2007

which modem/router is he using?.Is connection broadband or dial up

  Hangus 16:42 17 Sep 2007

Strangely I am having same problem. I live up north. The Orange helpline is useless. I have spoken to them several times and they make you go through the same checks every time, even though you have eliminated them as causes on previous occasions. I am sure my fault is either the line or a faulty modem. You are lucky you got an engineer out. They will not send anyone from BT to check the line unless Orange give them the nod. The technician I spoke to told me they had been told that they must not send a BT engineer under any circumstances. A factory reset of the modem usually fixes it for a day or so. They will not send a replacement modem either. They do not answer emails or letters either. It is so frustrating. i am considering switching to an alternate isp.

  sah1157 21:14 17 Sep 2007

hi hangus, yes i know what you mean about the helpline, repeating the same thing over and over again. orange did send one of their guys out and he checked everything, livebox, laptop etc. then the bt guy came and did fix it [for 12 hours], he put a new box in where the line comes into the house. but the following day off it went again.

i think you just have to keep hassling them, and threaten not to pay them for a service they can't provide! [we got a month's refund off them]

i'm sure it's either a line or exchange problem..but who's responsibility? bt or orange?

thanks to flipper1 for your reply also.

  bazb 22:16 17 Sep 2007

my daughter has been unable to use her orange broadband for over 2 weeks. We've reset everything done factory resets numerous times. uninstalled and reinstalled the software, still comes up with unable to connect to the internet, even though the computers can see the modem, I think it keeps saying PPP down?.

She's now got her mac and is going to BT for her broadband.

  bin-go 00:35 19 Sep 2007

Hi, i recently switched to orange broadband taking advantage of their free laptop offer!.
I live in the south, Dorset to be exact and i have had no problems at all.Well the only thing i have noticed is that their download speeds fluctuate alot but other than that it seems fine,.
I was issued with a standard usb speedtouch modem. but i dont use it as i already have wireless router.
Are you using their "livebox"? as that could be causing the problem? or even the speedtouch usb modem?
I was with AOL for around 5 years before using orange and again i had no problem with the service.
Sorry i cannot be of any real help but i thought i would just you know that i at least have not had a problem with connectivity.

  sah1157 07:25 20 Sep 2007

hi bin-go, thanks for the message, yes i am orange myself and for me it's been great, no problems at all[bucks]. it's my father's connection thats causing problems. i think it's an exchange/line problem, as with talk talk, i think they are swamped with demand and can't cope, especially at the romford, essex exchange, where he is. i need to find the contention ratio, i.e. how many people are trying to use the service at this spot.
my neighbour is thinking of going with the free laptop offer. how long did it take to get and set up? what laptop did you get?

  bin-go 02:26 21 Sep 2007

well me and my fiancee went into pc world and signed up for the basic 2mb, (despite alot of pressure for the livebox).
We then contacted AOL (our provider at the time).
They gave us a mac code which we then phoned orange to let them know what it was...and our line was taken over by orange in roughly 6 days, and about 7 days later we recieved our promotion letter from orange with the free laptop voucher enclosed.
took it to pc world and voila! free laptop!
Just to add..when we contacted AOL to cancel they assured us that they would be running a similar offer in septmber but with a better spec laptop...i was suspicious...(thinking they just wanted us to sign for another year)..and as of yet i have seen no offer from AOL of a free laptop! maybe i was right to be suspicious???
the laptop we got is only basic, but i already have a decent deasktop for on-line gaming, so the laptop is for my fiancee to use for e-bay facebook n general browsing.
She is very happy with it!(although i think the ram needs upgrading).
Its an e-systems EI-3101.
256ram 40GB hard drive, widescreen with windows xp.
if your looking to surf or use e-bay etc..then its a great laptop.
Its the only offer i have ever seen with no hidden strings attached!.
(just make sure the idiots in pc world send your info to orange correctly as they had to re-send ours because it got "lost"...(pc worlds version of lost)
Good luck :O)

  bin-go 02:31 21 Sep 2007

I did a search for the purchase price of the laptop and found the average price to be £340!!!!
Bargain!!!! :O)

  sah1157 08:19 21 Sep 2007

sounds good, as it's free !!.perfect for a second machine. yes the memory could do with a boost i would think, but thats pretty easy to sort out. thanks for the info, i'll get my neighbour on the case.

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