Orange Broadband Connection

  Abbots 16:32 30 Sep 2007

Help - every time I connect a telephone extension lead to my BT master socket and then connect the ADSL filter, I cannot connect to Broadband. I can only connect by plugging directly into the BT master socket. I want the pc sited upstairs, so need an extension lead. Can anyone tell me why the extension (and I have tried a few!) wont allow the connection? I have no other telephones connected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  Graham. 16:35 30 Sep 2007

Connect the extension lead direct into the Master Socket, not via a filter.

  Fingees 17:23 30 Sep 2007

As stated, then put the filter in at the computer end.

If you need a phone connected to the master as well, then put in a double adapter, and connect the phone to the one the extw
ention is not connected to, and usa a filter on that, for the phone

  Abbots 18:08 30 Sep 2007

Hi Graham

We have tried this way and it still wont connect. Any other suggestions? I can only connect to Broadband straight from the BT socket. As soon as you put any extension on in any configuration, it will not connect.

Many thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:18 30 Sep 2007

Check your Master socket and extensionis wired correctly,
click here

If master socket is wrong DO NOT TOUCH get BT in to alter it.

  Jak_1 01:01 01 Oct 2007

Suggest this; get an adsl cable made up to the required length. Make sure a filter is attached to the master socket plug the extention cable into the adsl side and then into the modem. Cheap cable is often not up to the job required for adsl.

  Jak_1 01:06 01 Oct 2007

I had BT configure mine, they fitted an adsl master socket that is the filter and provided a purpose made 30 metre extention lead with a socket at the end to plug in the modem lead. With the master socket being the filter I could then do away with all other filters.

  Dipso 21:37 01 Oct 2007

Do you have a USB modem? If you had a router you could plug it in at the master socket and run a network cable up to the PC. Or you could do the same with a wireless router but without the need for the network cable. Extensions leads are just not good enough for high speed braodband.

  Graham. 22:20 01 Oct 2007

Check you have dial tone at the end of the extension lead.

  Abbots 17:03 02 Oct 2007

Thank you to everyone who responded to me with helpful information. This is a fabulous website! No doubt I'll be back soon!

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