Orange BB - "Don't support IE7 or Firefox"

  AWARD2001 09:52 22 Jan 2007

Having lost my broadband connection on Saturday evening and eventually having got through to Orange customer services I was told that the cause of my problems was that I was using IE7 (and Firefox) and that they only support IE6. I pointed out that I had been using IE 7 for some time without any problems but tech support insisted this was the problem. I have now reinstalled IE 6 but still have the problem - anyone any thoughts? I am getting an ADSL signal and have spoken to Belkin support re router who advised that the router seemed fine.

  Gongoozler 10:05 22 Jan 2007

Hi AWARD2001. I suggest that the first thing to try is to see if you can get a connection directly through Control Panel - Network Connections. Right click on the icon for your Orange connection and select "Connect". This should establish a connection to Orange independent of the browser, and you can then use any browser to use that connection. I find it very hard to believe that the Orange connection is browser dependent.

  Fingees 10:14 22 Jan 2007

I used Orange/Wanadoo for a number of years, always used Firefox. No problem.
Also used IE7 Still no problem.

Recently migrated to BT.

  Belatucadrus 12:03 22 Jan 2007

Orange helpline is populated by people with little knowledge and a check-list, as a result they frequently give advice like this that's nonsensical and wrong. They assume as the browser isn't listed on the sheet in front of them it can't work, problem solved. Evidence to the contrary will be ignored.
Recently there was problem with Orange users accessing their own web pages, but as the "Help desk" screen said everything was OK, the help was either useless or just plain denial that the problem existed. The Orange user forums went ballistic, it took days for the situation to be corrected.
Try sending an e-mail to that way there's a chance you can bypass the help desks and find somebody with a smattering of technical knowledge who can offer useful help.

Bitter and twisted, Me ?

You bet.

  Kate B 12:30 22 Jan 2007

This reminds me of a time I had a specific problem with my corporate webmail - I thought it was something to do with the way the server was handling html. I kept telling the helpdesk this, only to be told "we don't support Windows XP, we only support Windows 2000". I don't know how many times I patiently explained to them that it wasn't an OS problem, it was a problem with their server and html. I finally buttonholed someone further up the IT desk chain in the canteen and told him what I thought of the response I was getting from helpdesk; and what I thought of the nonsense about not supporting XP given that pretty much everyone who accessed any part of the network from home would be doing it from XP.

A few days later he came back to me, slightly sheepishly, and said "er, it was a problem with the way the server was handling html". So I gloated a bit and suggested that he instruct the people on the helpdesk to listen to what people say to them - even if it is a woman.

  ventanas 12:49 22 Jan 2007

The only problem orange have with IE7 is their toolbar. Just uninstall it. There are no other problems with IE7. I use it on two machines despite what the useless lot and Orange say. Orange also works fine with Firefox.

  €dstowe 13:52 22 Jan 2007

If an ISP has a problem in using a major piece of software with their system, it is incumbent on them to get it working as soon as they can.

One of the big problems with all of this sort of thing is that many people either just put up with it or make a meek complaint only to be fobbed off with a stupid response.

If you are unhappy with your ISP vote with your wallet (keep it closed) or your feet (go elsewhere).

There are plenty of other Internet Service Providers anxious for your business.

  johndrew 14:01 22 Jan 2007

I am on Orange BB and replying to your post using Firefox so for the (so called) overpriced `helpline` to tell you that they don`t support it is utter rubbish.

Further, to prove a point, I just logged onto the Orange website using IE7 - which I also have installed.

I agree with Belatucadrus, send an e-mail and try to get someone with a bit of sense!!!

  Aargh 14:13 22 Jan 2007

Taking aside the ineptitude of Orange's support, the best advice so far is from Gongoozler.

Can Windows detect your connection? Does your modem show a fault and does it have system utilities to help?

Try device manager in Windows to see if there is a problem. If not, uninstall and reinstall your modem software/drivers and re enter you user name/passwords. Once you reconnect upgrade the browser to IE7 again.

Have you changed a firewall setting to block a connection?

If this fails you either have a modem fault or a problem with your line/exchange, or you haven't paid the bill and they've cut you off!!!

Orange/Wanadoo/Freeserve or whatever they call themselves now all work with IE7 and Firefox fine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:41 22 Jan 2007

Intersetingly my livebox fauted saturday night and i lost connection to Orange.

I bet is was when thy were doing a software upgrade to the various routers and modems.

Try resetting you details(username and password) on the router admin page.
You will need to connect with a cable to do it.

  AWARD2001 11:45 23 Jan 2007

After more fruitless calls to Orange, and the purchase of a new router to see if that was the problem, issue is now resolved - it turns out that my wife (whose BB account it is) had given me the wrong login info! (Email address which different to login.) Now working OK although doesn't explain why stopped working in first place and why Orange were blaming IE7. Will probably move to Telewest anyway as fed up with Orange generally.
Thanks for your input.

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