optimum disc size

  immer 20:50 16 Dec 2009

With ever increasing hard drive size, up to 1 TB, what is the OPTIMUM size for WXP to run on, and is there a maximum size the system can cope with please.

  Technotiger 21:21 16 Dec 2009

Optimum size, I guess that depends on what the user wishes to do with it - but can go up 1.5Tb these days.

  Devil Fish 21:26 16 Dec 2009

this link will show you requirements click here as for recognised sizes basic xp around 137gig sp2 i believe isaround the 2 tb mark assuming o/s installed using ntfs

  GaT7 21:28 16 Dec 2009

There's no optimum size, but it's generally good practice to have at least 50% free space on the drive at all times to avoid slow-downs. I've installed WinXP on 15Gb to 465Gb partitions with little to no noticeable difference. The size of the install has been ~5Gb on average.

Vista & Win7, are larger installs to begin with & require a bit more space to 'breathe', so 25-30Gb would be the minimum I'd go for. G

  interzone55 21:40 16 Dec 2009

We're now selling 2tb drives,and I regularly sell storage arrays of upwards of 100tb.

The maximum size of a drive depends on the format and the sector size.

With FAT32 drive using 512 byte sectors the maximum drive size is 2tb, if you increase to 32kb clusters the maximum drive size is 8tb.

With NTFS using 4kb clusters the maximum drive size it 16tb, using 64kb clusters the maximum size is 256tb. The theoretical maximum with NTFS is 16EB or 16,000PB or 16,000,000TB or 16,000,000,000GB

Now if I had a 16EB drive I'd want two in a RAID1 array, because I'd hat to lose that amount of data in a disc crash...

  DieSse 22:34 16 Dec 2009

Windows itself doesn't take that much (as discussed above). So it really depends what software you want to run, and more so on what data you want to store.

500GB drives are really inexpensive, and massive for general purpose use. If you want to store large amounts of video, or even larger amounts of music - then larger might be better.

Never forget though, that it all needs to be backed up and a largish external drive is best for that.

  immer 22:38 16 Dec 2009

OK well my triple core AMD8400 has 210GHz & 1.75GBram & 1TB hard drive with 3oogig on C, but I'm finding it slow when on page down on outlook express & several other operations. Is it a problem with my graphics or what do you advise to speed up the beast please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:49 16 Dec 2009

I'm running a cut down version of XP on an old machine at work that only has a 500MB drive.
Someone had the bright idea of doing a windows (only runs on XP) version of the software for the machine but forgot about the special connectors required to connect to the machine are only on this one late eighties purposely designed laptop (bigger than may desktop).

It was "fun" trying to make XP run on such an old machine and still have room for the required software program and space for the downloads.

  Devil Fish 00:00 17 Dec 2009

Areas that you could possibly look at for a speed boost

try looking in task manager and processes see how much memory is being used by individual progs you may have to cut some bloat

to get to task manager go press ctrl Alt del similtaniously see if yo have any progs that are using large amounts of system memory

Stop uneeded start up progs via msconfig (click start then run type in msconfig then hit enter) though if unsure what you can and cant stop post back (as Arule of thumb anything Antivirus related and ms progs should be left well alone)

other areas are do a clean up of your hd temp files etc and a defrag couple of programs to help with this if you dont have them

for general removal of gunge Ccleaner click here

defrag click here

NOTE running Ccleaner to clear out internet gunge may result in saved passwords for sites being lost make sure you have them and user names to hand if you wish to revisit them

  DieSse 00:14 17 Dec 2009

It's certainly not an issue with processor speed, or drive capacity.

What graphics do you have? and is the driver up to date?

What OS do you use?

What energy sapping applications do you have continuously running?

Have you run all the regular cleanups to get rid of unwanted junk files?

My WinXP 2.4GHz P4 with 1GB or RAM doesn't exhibit slow graphics on mundane operations - so yours certainly shouldn't.

My guess is it's down to software, assuming you don't have a poor on-board graphics and the driver is reasonably up to date.

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