optimize for serach engines.

  thetrickster 08:13 16 Aug 2007

Got myself a hoster for a website i am currently building are there any tips as to how to maximise my website for the search engines. it has an option to input keywords, title, description etc.

  Chris1986 13:01 16 Aug 2007

make sure that you have as many 'meta' tags as possible for you website.

the search engines will automatically pick the website page, but it may take a week or two,

make sure also that the description on the website is good as this is what the customer will see from the Search Engines.

hope this helps,

  Maurellis 16:35 25 Sep 2007

Have a look at my site click here and view the page source. My site is showing on page 1 on all major search engines even though it is only about four weeks old. Feel free to copy the meta tags, add your own details and then paste it into your own site. Let us know if you do and if it helps.

  mco 17:14 25 Sep 2007

only,unless I am mistaken, if you type in the name of your site - people not knowing its name would be typing other keywords and not getting to your site (yet) Or have I missed something?

  Forum Editor 19:06 25 Sep 2007

Metatags are now outmoded, and as fourm member points out, Google ignores them completely. Big search engines use complex methods for site ranking, and all this stuff about 'optimising' a site is really a thing of the past.

The engines will find and rank your site without any help from you. Your site is high in the return because nobody else is using that combination of words. The problem is, very few people will use the search term 'writers shop window', so the fact that you'll be at the top of the list is largely academic. Lots of unusual site names come top of the list, but that doesn't mean anyobe visits them. The information you want to concentrate on is the 'unique visitors' figure in your host's server statistics. That will tell you how many people arrive on your site. Don't watch the 'hits' figure - that's relatively meaningless. You can rack the hit figure up by lokking at the site yourself each day; a hit is recorded each time you click from page to page.

  TomLinny 20:07 25 Sep 2007

yeah and not to mention every image on that page

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