Optimising newly buit PC - advice please!

  spoonlamp 07:49 03 Dec 2007

I've nearly finished putting together my new PC which will have the Asus P5K-E wireless mobo, QX6850 core 2 processor, a 500 gig WD Caviar hard drive, 8 gig of ram and soon to be decided on graphics card (I may use my old BFG 7800GTC until the new 9800s come out...). I have hit a stumbling block with the processor tho - reading the booklet I think it's telling me that in order to run 8 gig I have to be running Win XP Professional 64bit OR Vista (shudder). Until now I have been using XP Home 34 bit.

Can anyone adise me about the OS/ Ram to get the most out of my shiney new mobo? I'd rather not instal Vista OR have to fork out for any more Microsoft OS stuff... :(


  xania 08:59 03 Dec 2007

I think you will find that the max you can have for WIndows XP is 4Gb

click here

but I have also seen other sites where it is indicated that yoiu will see little if any benefit from fitting more than GMb

  keef66 09:54 03 Dec 2007

a 32 bit OS can only see up to 4gb memory, and that's including what's on the graphics card. You'll need a 64 bit version of XP or Vista to use 8gb

  spoonlamp 17:33 03 Dec 2007

Thanks for the replies. Xania - am I right to assume you meant "yoiu will see little if any benefit from fitting more than '8'Gb" ?
Would anyone agree then that I should stick with 4 gig on XP for now and not bother with Vista?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:58 03 Dec 2007

Not really worth fitting more tn 2G for XP

  spoonlamp 19:15 03 Dec 2007

Fruit Bat-

Would you then recommend I go for Vista? I should point out that the system I'm putting together is geared towards gaming...

  woodchip 19:32 03 Dec 2007

As above more than 2Gb ram will not do much, just a waist of money XP is faster than Vista And you can make it faster by Tweaking it

  xania 09:01 04 Dec 2007

spoonlamp - no - should read

from fitting more than '2'Gb"

and certianly I always recommend sticking to XP Pro rather than Vista. I know others disagree, and I had my head bitten off by one contributor, but Vista has its own problems not least of which are the number of bits of older fully functional hardware for which no drivers exist, and you need a more powerful PC for little if any real benefit. OK if you really WANT those Vista wonders, but even some PC suppliers have gone back to providing XP rather than Vista.

  100andthirty 09:18 04 Dec 2007

you will need XP 64 or Vista 64 fo address more than a total of 4GB as others have said. You would need to establish that everything you want to run will work on the 64bit o/s.

  wotbus@ 13:18 04 Dec 2007

Something else to consider!
Your new rig is for gaming right? Lots of stuff appearing is written primarily for 64bit but will run, just, on 32bit so my advice would be to be a bit forwards compatible and install XP Pro 64 bit. The rest will come along as you can pay for it ;-) (gigs of RAM, 8800 VGA, 3 more 500G Caviars in RAID etc etc)....

  spoonlamp 16:56 14 Dec 2007

Thanks guys - this is exactly what I needed to hear. Will get 64bit XP Pro to get the most out of my rig without losing half a gig to Vista.

Thanks all.

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