Optimal hard drive configuration?

  instant^mash 01:32 06 Jul 2003


I have a new mobo + CPU (P4P800 + P4 2.4C)

I also have 2 HDD - a WD 80GB 7200 with 8MB cache
and a Maxtor ata133 20GB with 2MB cache.

Running Xp pro, what would be my best drive configuration options in terms of partitions,placement of swap file, use of 1 or both drives etc.?



  keith-236785 06:50 06 Jul 2003

its entirely up to you, my preference would be to partition the 80 gig into 2*40 gig, drive C: for windows, the second partition (D:)for files and utilities and saved stuff ie pictures, games etc (or a different windows, dual boot).

and the 20 gig as a backup drive E:, to hold a ghost image of drive c: and also the very important stuff from drive D:

just my personal choice, wait and see what others advise.

but as i said really, its up to you.

  -pops- 07:03 06 Jul 2003

I agree with paperman27 except for one minor point. He mentions dual boot. Very few people who install a second operating system actually use the second one. In that case a considerable chunk of the disk is wasted.


  powerless 07:42 06 Jul 2003



D:\Program files (they will need to write to C: )

E:\Data files (word docs etc)






Partition sizes accordingly on the 80GB drive, for the above...Add a little more.

K:\Swap File

L:\Backup (also to CD)

Above on 20GB drive.

OR Stick everything on the 80 Drive and use the 20GB as backup. You could partition the 80GB into 2 40GB partitions so you can continue to partition the 2nd 40GB whilst leaving C: at 40GB's.

  powerless 07:50 06 Jul 2003

From partitoning i have seen no performance gains - Its just easier to manage file.

But i've settled on:

2 partitions on my 120GB drive

Then a backup partition of my other drive.

  instant^mash 09:36 06 Jul 2003

Thanks for the info,

1 more question -

Is there noticable performence enhancement by having the swap file at the start of the second drive? Would the disparity in size between the disk buffers be an issue?



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