Optical v Digital Zoom

  BigAl127 16:58 18 Jul 2004

I'm in the process of looking for a new digital camera, am I right that I should be more interested in the optical zoom figure than the digital zoom.

  woodchip 17:02 18 Jul 2004

optical zoom, is the first priority not digital

  Valvegrid 17:04 18 Jul 2004

Short answers,yes.

If you are looking for quality look at the optical zoom, unless its just for the average snaps, then you'll probably get away with the digital zoom most of the time. Also the quality of the optics e.g. f1.8 is much better than f2.8, it basically means the lower the f stop the more light is let through the lens, which is a very simpistic way of looking at it.

  pmjd 17:07 18 Jul 2004

An optical zoom takes priority over ANY digital zoom.

The optical one is based on the actual camera lens, so offers far better quality if you have to zoom in to take any pics.

Digital zoom is not as good as it trys to zoom in by extrapolation of the picture you are trying to take. All in all a bit messy.

  Valvegrid 17:09 18 Jul 2004

simpistic! Just invented a new word again, should read simplistic.

  cga 17:13 18 Jul 2004

Digital Zoom may be a nice extra and convinient but it only gives you what you can do with a picture editor afterwards. Optical zoom is the real thing.

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