Optical Mouse not working on almost all surfaces?

  Uboat 13:55 04 Mar 2011

Hi guys, I bought a cheap Optical gaming mouse some months ago & it's always had issues with surfaces? so I bought a new top of the range gaming mouse pad (6 mil thick) which cost quite a bit & the mouse will not respond in the slightest on that pad?

So yesterday I bought another Belkin gel pad and I've just tried it BUT again this damn mouse will not work? the ONLY two surfaces it works 100% on strangely is a mat you put on your table for a dinner plate to stand on reversed so the cork part is facing upwards? & if i use a new sheet of paper? if your lost how do you think I feel lool

Any ideas please?



  lotvic 14:00 04 Mar 2011

Hmmm "mat you put on your table for a dinner plate to stand on reversed so the cork part is facing upwards"
That's what I use, found it to be the most efficient. I have 4 little bits of blu-tak underneath to stop it sliding about.

  robin_x 14:08 04 Mar 2011

I use cork surface on tablemat. Found that years ago.

Doesn't look pretty but I cannot stand bad surfaces

  Terry Brown 14:26 04 Mar 2011

Has it occurred to you that the problem may be with the mouse itself, not the surface.

Sometimes these 'budget' (cheap) items are not as good as one you pay a little bit more for.


  Batch 19:06 04 Mar 2011

I've never found optical mouses very good. I've had some cheapo ones as well as Microsoft and Logitech and they all seem as bad as one another (especially on desk surfaces).

Mostly I use the reverse of a mouse mat (i.e. the black rubber).

Other than that, when using my netbook whilst sitting on the sofa, I find both my trouser leg or the red ribbed material arm of the sofa work well (but don't ask me why).

  woodchip 21:26 04 Mar 2011

I buy Wireless mice round the £ tener range Using a Logitech at the moment, battery lasts for ever and works on just about anything. When not in Use Dongle slide fits on bottom of mouse

  Ashrich 22:08 04 Mar 2011

I don't suppose you have left the small piece of plastic over the optical surface on have you ?


  gengiscant 08:59 05 Mar 2011

I also had bother with my desk surface and optical moue until I bought this click here Mind you it is big 34inch x 18inch mouse moves perfectly and the add bonus of the keyboard not sliding. Great mat.

  jimv7 10:30 05 Mar 2011

The new type of beer/bar mats are perfect, rubber underlay prevents slipping, nice surface for the mouse and machine washable.

  sunnystaines 13:29 05 Mar 2011

i too recommend logitec wireless much better than microsoft ones, mouse cheapies are the week link in many a computer

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