optical mouse

  welchy 12:16 17 Apr 2003

hello i am looking for a optical mouse but do not want to pay dear for it. i have gone through 2 normal mice in the last year, i had a microsoft and am now on a serif! they are forever playing up! i am on windows xp and i want a ps/2 mouse, could anyone please recommend a good optical mouse? willing to pay up to £30 Thanx Ian

  PINKNOSE 12:22 17 Apr 2003

Try click here free delivery also...

  monkeyshine 12:22 17 Apr 2003

Lidl are currently selling a cordless optical mouse for £14.99.

  suburban train 12:36 17 Apr 2003

Try click here and use quicklinx code 23S4WS

I currently have one and its fantasitc, theres a couple of threads which i posted when i bought mine ill find them for you

  suburban train 12:39 17 Apr 2003
  Holographic_man 12:40 17 Apr 2003

I have a Microsoft Intellimouse that is Ps/2 and USB compatible, have had it over two years not a problem click here or you might find it cheeper if you shop around.

  Gerrycan 13:06 17 Apr 2003

I like Holographic_man have a Microsoft Intellimouse explorer usb2 connected (best way) but if your not going to use a mouse mat make sure its a dark surface your using it on,You do not need a mouse mat with an optical mouse.
good luck

  -pops- 14:21 17 Apr 2003

I use an Intellimouse Explorer and it is quite the best rodent device I've used. Used it every day for about two years.

Unlike Gerrycan, I ensure that it is not used on a dark surface. I use a piece of ordinary white paper as the mouse mat so I can doodle and scribble on it and throw it away when it's tatty.


  Gerrycan 14:47 17 Apr 2003

the information i gave is correct,but what i should have also said is that a light coloured shiney reflective surface can cause a static build up which can affect the opperation of the optic,this information is availabe from microsoft intelimouse tech support.

  -pops- 14:59 17 Apr 2003

I have no wish to start a dispute over this. I only wrote detailing what I do when using the mouse. You use it differently, which is your entitlement.

I have two reasons for my actions: 1. As the device depends entirely on a reflected light beam in order to operate, it was my thought that a reflective, but not specular or shiny, surface would provide this best, hence the sheet of ordinary copy paper. 2. The paper is useful to make notes on and can be easily discarded.

We do still agree, I hope, that the Intellimouse Explorer is the best mouse though.


  Gerrycan 15:05 17 Apr 2003

yes i think we both agree as i also have had mine for over 2 years and have recomened it to others.

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