optical mice

  Les 19:40 14 Feb 2007

My friend in Matlock has a 7 year old computer with the Windows 95 OS. She's having difficulty in scrolling with her ball type mouse and has been told that an optical mouse is what she needs. She has expressed doubt whether this would be OK on her old computer, having probably been told by someone that Windows 98 is the oldest OS she can use for this item. I think it can be used, what do you think?

She is an absolute novice where computers are concerned and as I am so far away from where she lives I cannot be of any practical use in solving her problems. For instance, she wishes to go Broadband - she is, by the way, 75 years old.

There is a dealer in the Matlock area who is computer literate - he is also a skybox fitter? If he is willing to be contacted by my friend perhaps he would answer this post- or anyone knowing his location would be so kind as to let me know?

  Devil Fish 19:52 14 Feb 2007

i cant see a problem with it providing the computer has a ps2 connection

usb would be out of the question as it is not supported by early win 95 releases and only fully supported in win 98

  malgall 20:11 14 Feb 2007

i agree as long as you have a ps2 small round plug for your mouse and are noy using a serial
plub which is a rectangle shape

  woodchip 20:15 14 Feb 2007

It may not support USB if it a old 98. 98se is OK

  Technotiger 20:20 14 Feb 2007

Hi, I would guess that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her old mouse, or at least nothing that a good cleanout will not fix. Suggest to her that she removes the ball from beneath the mouse so that she can then clean the rollers inside the mouse, she will need to use something like a nail-file in order to remove the gunk that collects on the rollers. This gunk should be completely removed from the rolers so that they are again as smooth as new - the mouse will then work fine again.

  Technotiger 20:22 14 Feb 2007

ps - get her to scrape the gunk off and also to blow hard through the opening to clear any bits.

  woodchip 20:25 14 Feb 2007

What goes wrong with Wired mice’s is the inner wire at mouse end gets broke and you only find out when it only work in one way or button wire may break. I used to chop the wire about 2" from mouse the resolder the wires into mouse. But they are that cheap, is it worth it

  Technotiger 20:43 14 Feb 2007

Hi Friend - a very simple clean-up is worth it :-)

  Technotiger 20:46 14 Feb 2007

Hi, I am an oldie myself, so if your young friend cannot take the ball off to clean the rollers, I am sure she has someone nearby who could do it for her.
It really is not difficult.

  woodchip 20:46 14 Feb 2007

Yes I go with that one also, I mend em as I am skinny

  Les 21:15 14 Feb 2007

Oh Technotiger, you know not what you ask 8-)) She wouldn't have any idea of what to do - simple for us - but space technology as far as she is concerned - really, i'm not kidding!!

A friend nearby - that was the point, she either doesn't have any or is too shy to ask.I know that there is a fellow in Matlock, in the trade, I wish I knew his telephone number - she could, if she plucks up a little courage, phone him.

I shall have to draw her a diagram - but I fear that I would be wasting my time. As you say, it is so simple a job - and I have done it many times before I discovered the 'beauty' of Optical -but, she is one of the old school, technology, whilst fascinating to us, is really beyond her (and I don't mean that to be taken nastily)

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