Optical drives-opening them up

  g0slp 07:13 25 Oct 2004

I've got a DVD/CR-RW writer which has stopped spinning up when a CD/DVD is placed inside it.

Needless to say, it's just outside warranty, but has not been used excessively.

I've tried cleaning it out without dismanting, but to no avail. I suspect that it'll be something simple, (like a dust ball jamming the drive) but how to get inside it? I removed the cover screws and released all obvious plastic catches, but it doesn't seem obvious how to proceed from there as there's still something 'hanging on', as it were.

Any practical suggestions gratefully appreciated, otherwise I'll have to put my hand in my pocket...:-((

  Valvegrid 08:36 25 Oct 2004

I take it you've tried different makes of disk, I'll found that to be a problem, never found the reason why. I wouldn't recommend opening the drive because the innards are delicate, on second thoughts I suppose it won't any more harm than is already done, just try not to touch the lead screw which drives the laser head, the lubricant is a special type which is not readily available plus don't get any particles of dust on it.

Good luck mate! But be prepared for the worst.



  g0slp 08:44 25 Oct 2004

Different discs make no difference - it's just not spinning up at all...

Most ****** annoying, & (probably) expensive!



  Spanglish 08:52 25 Oct 2004

I tried it with a DVD RW, and though I have experience of Video Machines it is a different ball game and landed up buying a New DVD RW ( you can get them for @ £40.
As you have opened it just make sure you dont put one of your favorite CD's in ( just in case1)

  g0slp 09:11 25 Oct 2004

Thanks for those timely words of warning. First priority is to get the thing spinning up again if possible, but Ive a couple of 'appropriate' CDs for testing!

Cheapest I've seen for a new unit at present is £47, so if you've a cheaper source I'd be grateful. However, I'd sooner have the cash in my pocket!



  Stuartli 09:17 25 Oct 2004

Probably the drive belt has snapped.

Such drives are very fiddly to get apart - and get together again. If you misalign the lasers then it's all a waste of time.

Not worth it when a new DVD rewriter is about £45 upwards and probably with a superior specification.

  g0slp 09:29 25 Oct 2004

Good morning Stuartli

Thanks for your input; it's much appreciated. I wondered about the drive - I was actually thinking in terms of a direct drive, or possibly a simple clutch arrangement. I've never seen inside one of these devices before...

I don't mind tinkering with things like this, & as I said before, I'd sooner have the cash in my pocket!

No harm in trying, as the thing's u/s at present anyway.



  Spanglish 19:02 26 Oct 2004

Try Morgan Computers click here
But have alook @ as there are some DVD writers (-R +R etc ) for @ £48!

  g0slp 19:07 26 Oct 2004


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 26 Oct 2004

From experience

Check another cCD or HDD works off the power cable /IDE cable.

Most of these things spin the disk straight off the end on the drive motor spindle.

No spin at all = motor or drive circuit failure

You may find when you take it apart that the disk spins for a second or two then stops. (Error message please insert disk in drive)
This is a laser ciruit failure, can't read disk so thinks one not in and stops motor. My last failure was this.

To be honest they are more trouble than they are worth to attempt to repair.

  thms 19:33 26 Oct 2004

Have a look click here
some interesting reading.

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