Opinions on Suse linux all welcome

  will123 17:00 30 Oct 2004

i have got windows 2000 professional.

I mostly use my P.C for gaming. Would a linux operating system work and would all of the drivers and broadband still work. Also any general opinions on linux.

thanks all,

  igk 17:04 30 Oct 2004

Hi Will123, check out some of the many linux based newsgroups,if you hang around on them long enough you will get a pretty good idea,I have been toying with the idea of trying Mandrake linux 10 and will take the plunge shortly.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:05 30 Oct 2004

I use SUSE 9.1 personal alongside Win2k - works fine on dial up and all my hardware was recognised with no problems.

  MIke 17:38 30 Oct 2004

I tried the Suse live cd download...which allows you to get an idea of how linux behaves, without actually installing it on your pc. It's supposed to run from the cd. I was able to Boot into it, but it only went so far then hung. It was the same on my laptop. I did however get Knoppix Linux to work from their live cd version. Because it was running from Cd it only gives you an idea of how Linux behaves, it was certainly painfully slow.

The downloads of both took an absolute age even on broadband, but it they are free!

Very similar to windows but different also. There would certainly be a learning curve involved, which if I had more spare time I might investigate, esp as Linux is supposedly more secure than Windows.

Maybe I'll get an old hard drive and try it sometime, I'm not brave enough to go for the dual Boot option, as my Windows beast is working fine!!

  MIke 17:40 30 Oct 2004

Meant to say the slowness was more than likely due to PC having to accessing the CD all the time to run Linux, not that Linux itself is slow.

  dth 11:20 06 Nov 2004

Suse is, in my opinion, fantastic.

If your bb account is connected by one of the ISP freebie modems (that use a usb connection) then you would have problems with Linux. If you have a proper router/modem type that connects via a network cable it will work fine. Driver support is not really an issue with modern Linux distributions these days - so you shouldn't have any problems there.

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