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  JAC13 12:02 01 Dec 2007

Hi all, Ive built the basics for my new site! Thanks to some of you who have helped me along the way! I would love your opinions on the site and maybe ideas on how I can better it, please remember though, I am complteley new at this!
I have used Serif webplus9 software and hosted it through heart internet.
Website-- click here


  mco 12:40 01 Dec 2007

I think it is a very good first effort; I would suggest, just having had a very quick look, that you use the same font style/size for each page for the sake of consistency.

  JAC13 12:42 01 Dec 2007

Thanks mco, i will do that....i keep forgetting what font size ive used on the previous page. Is there anything i can set to auto do this for me or does it have to be done manually for each page?

  mco 13:06 01 Dec 2007

I think (I'm working from memory here!) if you made a Master Page (upon which you base your other pages) then you can set the default font there and it will be applied to any other pages. I don't know how you set your site up though

  JAC13 13:23 01 Dec 2007

I have sorted that problem out now and it does look much better, I think!!

  RWest 20:36 01 Dec 2007

It looks very good though there are a few stray bits. (liked the 3 by 3 puzzle btw). May I suggest, if you haven't done this, you test with different browsers, and also change the screen dimensions, just to make sure there isn't some oddity.

  mco 21:39 01 Dec 2007

I just had a look at your site in Opera, Firefox and Netscape Navigator and it looks fine in all, except that Netscape asked me for a plugin to view the gallery. I used this click here
to view it in different sizes and it looks ok at least in 800x600 which a fair few people still have.

  JAC13 22:33 01 Dec 2007

thats what it is in at the moment, so I take it I should leave it as it is?

  Kemistri 23:52 01 Dec 2007

It probably won't be long before you start to receive the usual deluge of spam through those email links, even with your pagerank, so you might want to minimise trash by using a PHP-driven form. In fact, you really should.

I would expect a site that is intended to promote artistic media to be more sleek and polished, but I can appreciate that this is your first effort. You might benefit from moving on from Serif once you get a bit more knowledge. Take a look at sites such as click here for some inspiration.

Some copy-editing is required; go through your text with a fine-toothed comb and pick out the typing and punctuation errors. Change your page titles (not the file names, but the titles that browsers display). For example, "Home" would be better replaced with something like "Ant Jackson Images: Sports Photography".

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