Opinions On New Community Site

  Mr A! 21:25 26 Jan 2006

I have just completed a new music community site at click here using phpBB.

Can you please visit the site and let me know what you think on how I could improve it to make it more unique or improve/remove some of the features.

I am hoping to launch the site next week.


(P.S. Registering provides more features if you want explore these).

  PurplePenny 23:02 26 Jan 2006

I don't know much about phpBB; how much can you customise?

At the moment the colour scheme looks very much like quite a few other forums but I suppose that is inevitable. The navigation, clock and calendar don't look so much like other sites.

Until it gets a bit busier and you have a few more moderators it might be a good idea to hide the staff list: it looks a bit lonely at the moment.

Good luck with it. Promoting an interest in local bands and music is a Good Thing.

  Forum Editor 23:39 26 Jan 2006

This is just the kind of forum that deserves to succeed, but what a task you have ahead.

Your success will depend almost entirely on two things:-

1. Quality and amount of content.

2. Quality of moderation.

It's pretty hard work, and if you neglect your baby for long you'll see your membership slipping steadily away.

phpBB is almost infinitely customisable, and if you work hard you'll end up with something that doesn't look like just another generic forum. It can take a great deal of tweaking, but it's worth the effort. Look around, and you'll find hundreds of ready-made skins that you can pick up for peanuts - some of them are superb.

I wish you luck with this project, and I hope you enjoy the process. Running a forum can be addictive, and once it's in the blood.......

  Mr A! 09:42 27 Jan 2006

I've got loads of posters, leaflets and letters ready to post to local businesses asking to display the posters. Once the posters have been placed in colleges and schools, hopefully the site will start to take off.

Thanks for your comments,


  ade.h 17:26 29 Jan 2006

Good luck with it, Aden!

Apart from wishing your project every success, I don't really have any aesthetic or technical comments to add; except to say that, even that this stage, it looks like it means business and is quite sensibly laid out.

If I lived in the Midlands, I would certainly sign up.

  Mr A! 12:14 02 Feb 2006

I know the site is aimed at the music scene in the midlands, but it doesnt mean that you can't sign up!

I have a few people from London who will soon be signing up, just to show their support!


  PurplePenny 12:44 02 Feb 2006

I wish that I lived nearer to Shrewsbury: that gig list is a great idea. I always seem to find out about gigs two days after they've happened!

  Mr A! 09:48 03 Feb 2006

...well hopefully i've solved that problem for you. I think that the gig list is going to be one of the strongest parts of the site and more are coming in to be added. (if you know of any just email them via the site)

  steve263000 17:43 03 Feb 2006

I know nothing what ever about the music side of it, and at my age I hope I never learn! However the site is nice and clean and easy to navigate, and that is what matters. I do like the clock however, and have never seen one like it. Did it come as part of the package? Or did you find it somewhere else? As for phpBB I do not even know what it means! However goood luck to you, and I hope it is a success.

  Mr A! 18:54 04 Feb 2006

Thanks steve263000. The clock is a an add-on for phpBB and phpBB stands for php (a scripting language like asp) bulletin board

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