Opinion on specification please.

  Meshuga 13:30 19 Jun 2007

I am considering getting a new PC and been offerered one by a local PC building shop, spec as follows:- AMD Sempron 64 bit 3800+processor.
160GB Hard drive. DVD-RW drive. Geforce 7300 graphics. 6 USB2 ports. 17 inch TFT monitor. 1 GB ram. Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers. Choice of Windows XP or Vista home Basic. 1 Year warranty RTB. Price is £499 or £429 Tower unit only.
My normal usage is not great, just the usual emailing, browsing the Net,etc. No Gaming. I am already on BB. I would appreciate any comments and suggestions on the suitability of this PC.
Many thanks. The shop is within minutes of my home so very handy in case of problems.

  rodriguez 13:37 19 Jun 2007

It's suitable for what you'll use it for - in fact, a cheaper one with lower specs would still be suitable. You certainly don't need that GeForce 7300 graphics card if you're not going to play games on it.

  Totally-braindead 13:42 19 Jun 2007

It seems a tad pricey to me considering the processor. I mean Novatech do this one, their cheapest click here at £292.57 including Vista and a cheap 17" TFT starts at £89.99 click here total £382.56 now admitadly the processor is just a touch slower but not over £100 worth.
You could definatly get a better deal. It depends whether you think its worth it for the extra cover a local firm might supply.
Personally I don't think it is as its quite a bit of money.

  keef66 13:46 19 Jun 2007

I like to buy locally whenever I can, but that sounds a bit pricy to me compared with somebody like Novatech or Scan

In terms of spec it is fine for your needs, though if you choose Vista you'd be well advised to have 2Gb ram

  Meshuga 14:07 19 Jun 2007

rodriguez, Totally-braindead and keef66, thanks for your interesting replies. I accept that the price may be a little higher than others but I don`t mind paying a little over the odds for the convenience of having the builder nearby plus the fact that I will not have to pay carriage charges. As regards any of the spec being higher than my requirements, there is always the pssibility of my requirements increasing in the future. The main purpose of my posting was to get some idea of the makeup of the technical bits and pieces rather than cost. It`s not a case of money no object but I don`t mind a little extra cost depending on circumstances. Incidentally, my preference would be for XP, not vista. Thanks again for your input.

  keef66 14:28 19 Jun 2007


  Totally-braindead 17:19 19 Jun 2007

Well the same PC is £309.07 if you buy the PC without operating system and buy a copy of XP Home OEM. Which would take the overall price to £399.06.
That price you are quoted £499 is a lot of difference to me, would you get the proper windows disk at this price or would the operating system just be preinstalled with no disk as I see many companies doing?
Has the builder been about a long time? I know where I live that there is only one PC maker that has been going for any length of time all the others seem to come and go.
I'm not suggesting you buy this but as another example of what you can get for your money and cheaper than the builder does click here £379 with a 19" widescreen monitor.

  Meshuga 20:14 19 Jun 2007

Hi Totally braindead, thanks for your reply. I have looked at the PCWorld offer while that is a good price you dont have a choice of OS and they install Vista, which I dont want and they install Norton 360, which I dont want. I will evaluate all suggestions and hopefully arrive at the right answer. Thanks again for your interest.

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