Opinion on this laptop please...........

  julius44 14:20 11 Nov 2010

Hello and good afternoon, to u all, my friend just rang me from work, as she's been after a new laptop for a while now...and she just came across this offer on pc world website....and I told her to hold on until ive posted on the forum here just to see what people think....It's an Asus 64-bit laptop running windows 7, with 500GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, Intel pentium duo core, 2.3GHz, reduced from £499 to £399, if u guys can kindly give me your opinions pls...i think it seems quite good....her budget is £400 anyway, many thanks

click here

  Terry Brown 14:34 11 Nov 2010

There are quite a few Asus Laptops running Window 7 and 64 bit.
can you specify the model number?

If your friend has a lot of software from her current computer (I assume he/she has one), remember that anything older than about 3 years or designed for 32 bit operation may not run on a64 bit machine, and it will cost more in the long run updating her programs.

If it is the click here then it is currenty (11-nov @14-35pm) out of stock.


  julius44 14:40 11 Nov 2010

Yes Terry you r right it now seems to be out of stock....product code is 005935. she'll be disspointed, but it seems the offer had been on for a while..and yesterday was the last day of the offer....okay can u point me in the direction of any good laptops with a good price pls with similar specs?? maybe ebuyer, etc. Her budget is £400 not a penny more(lol)...she def wants a 64-bit system and 4Gb memory, webcam, duo core, 2.0GHz or above.....webcam, the more extras the better.
many thanks

  julius44 16:12 11 Nov 2010

Hey guys...she's also asked me to check oout this one pls.....

click here

Just like to know what people think, as the other one is now sold out.

  GaT7 16:24 11 Nov 2010

The Acer Aspire 5734Z (your Amazon link) looks good for the money too (just like the Asus she missed).

What is she going to use it for? G

  julius44 17:09 11 Nov 2010

she's goona be using just for everyday normal use....nothing particularly heavy. So would u say that its a good price for this??

  GaT7 17:22 11 Nov 2010

Yes, definitely a good price for the spec.

For example, if you compare the ones you posted here to laptops at eBuyer around the £400 mark click here (& the next 3-4 pages) only one - this Extra Value click here - matches it with a dual core CPU, 4Gb RAM & 500Gb HDD.

And yes, it should be OK for everyday tasks. If she intends playing 3D third-party games, then one with better graphics will need to be chosen. G

  GaT7 17:23 11 Nov 2010

Actually, scratch the Extra Value one as it doesn't have an OS! G

  julius44 17:45 11 Nov 2010

many thanks crossbow 7, much appreciated. I also have another question for u, and this is from myself...i'm looking around for a laptop with good spects, but it MUST have an intel i3 processor(lol)...budget for me would be £400-£440, but NOT a penny higher,..looking for good specs with it, 500GB hard drive, webcam, dvd-rewriter,etc can u please point me in the write direction.....or would u suggest i hold out to when the sales start around boxing day???

  GaT7 18:05 11 Nov 2010

Refer to this CPU benchmark list click here. Type i3 in the field next to 'Manufacturer...', select 'Show only notebook CPU's' (a little lower down) & click on the Restrict button. You'll be left with all the current laptop Core i3 CPU variations (ignore the UM ones).

Clicking on each i3 CPU 'Model' link will give you a whole lot of details, including actual laptop brands & models that have these CPUs pre-installed lower down. You can Google these brands & models & see what you come up with in terms of your budget & what's available to buy.

E.g. If I click on the 330M link (or click here), it gives a big list of laptops beginning with Acer Aspire 3820T-334G32Mn & ending with Toshiba Tecra M11-104. You can further reduce your searches by only Googling for the models that come with your required screen size(s). G

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